EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Deputy Rob Manning Will Not Re-stand.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE National Deputy Chairman Political Rob Manning will not re-stand for the job in the upcoming election, TBG can reveal.

It's the third of the top three that will now not re-stand for the CF National Executive, in the elections expected to be announced in the next day or two, after deputy for membership Sarah-Jane Sewell quit her post after "abohorrent" treatment and the CF National Chairman succombing to the coup d'etat by activists.

Manning exclusively told TBG - "I made the decision some time ago that I would not be standing for re-election to the CF National Executive. Whilst continuing to support the Party’s General Election campaign on a national basis, I will be focussing on my private career as well as my local Party responsibilities in Greater Manchester, both as a Federation and Area Officer.

"I’m very proud to have worked with some extraordinary people within CF; our organisation is made up of some great talent who live and breathe our Party’s values of hard work and aspiration in everything that they do.

"Having served as a Regional Chairman, I’m pleased to have been a part of empowering the Regional College and promoting collaborative working. The efforts of the Regional Chairmen ensure that we have strong branches on the ground and I’d like to take the opportunity once again to praise them for their efforts.

"I look forward to working out the rest of the term on the National Executive, and to continuing to spread the Conservative message into the future across the country."