EXCLUSIVE: Simon Harley in Bid For Conservative Future National Executive Role.

Harley manifesto leak

SIMON HARLEY is the first person to declare his intention to run for Conservative Future (CF) Best Practice Officer, for the second time on the trot, TBG can exclusively reveal.

TBG understands the CF'er will immediately launch his bid upon an "imminent" announcement by the Conservative Party on CF National Elections.

TBG can exclusively disclose Harley's manifesto. Harley says - "As your Best Practice officer I would work to improve Conservative Future's relationship with the Party and with its members, wherever they are in our United Kingdom. Giving National C.F. a constitution and a website that are fit for purpose. Providing clear advice on all aspects of our work as a great campaigning and socialising organisation. Finding out what the membership thinks on matters which affect them. Educating members on the great history of our Party. All of which is laid out in this manifesto."

Policies Simon wishes to implement into the CF constitution include:

• A distribution of business for the National Executive
• Regional elections to NOT be tied to National Executive elections
• No term limits for the National Executive
• Recognition that not all members of the Party under the age of 30 and/or students are represented or wish to be represented by Conservative Future
• Recognition of constituent sections of Conservative Future. Any item concerning the organisation of Conservative Future at the national level would be open to debate

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