EXCLUSIVE: Hancock Victim Tells TBG Councillors Should Pay Up Too.

MIKE HANCOCK'S victim has AGAIN gone public by telling TBG that other Portsmouth Liberal Democrats as well as Hancock himself should be made to foot legal costs.

Guido Fawkes reported that Portsmouth South MP Hancock could be forced to pay up to £150,000 of cash spent on scrutiny before he admitted an "inappropriate friendship" last month.

Today though, Hancock's victim, known as 'Annie', has called for the councillors who stood by him on a sub-committee, Les Stevens and Terry Hall, to pay £20,000 of public money that was used to try and stop Nigel Pascoe's report being used in a civil case prior to it being leaked to TBG.

'Annie' told TBG - "No councillor should expect the taxpayer to fund a cover-up. Members of the sub-committee took legal advice after legal advice at the taxpayers expense."

Ironically, the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats have tonight said that the panel should have been more "independent".