LEAKED: Alexandra Paterson Bid to Lead CF Begins as the New Face of Conservative Party #Team2015.

ALEXANDRA PATERSON has begun her march to lead Conservative Future and been propelled to the forefront of the Conservative Party's #Team2015 new campaign to gain more volunteers, TBG can reveal.

TBG has seen a leaked official party letter that is being used to promote Team2015. Sources say the use of Paterson is because the Tory Party Machine see her as a "hardcore campaigner" and "trusted", she "is now the face of Team2015".

The Cooper Coup, exclusively revealed by TBG, is well underway with the current CF Chairman Oliver Cooper set to back Paterson for the top job after a bust-up at TubeTrip over the issue.

The new face of Team2015 Alexandra Paterson says in the official Conservative Party document, obtained by TBG:

"Like you, I care about Britain's future. I want to live in a country where our children get the best education, hardworking taxpayers can get on in life, and pensioners are well looked after in retirement.

"That's why I joined Team2015 - and why I'm asking you to volunteer today.

"Team2015 is at the heart of our campaign to secure a Conservative majority. Volunteers like me are delivering leaflets and speaking to voters in the seats that will decide the next election - playing our part in securing Britain's future.

"I love being a part of Team2015 and doing my bit to make sure Britain never goes back to Labour’s way of more spending, more taxes, and more debt than future generations can ever hope to pay off.

"Join Team2015 today - and let's win the next election and secure that better future for Britain.

"Thanks, Alexandra"

LEAKED - Official Conservative Party document: