Ellie Vesey-Thompson Co-Opted Conservative Future Deputy Chairman After Sewell Departure.

JUST HOURS after Sarah-Jane Sewell sensationally threw in the towel on the Conservative Future (CF) National Executive Ellie Vesey-Thompson has been unanimously co-opted as CF's new Deputy Chairman for Membership, filling the roll Sewell vacated, TBG can reveal.

Vesey-Thompson, who ran against Sewell in the last CF elections for the job of deputy, was co-opted by "unanimous agreement" of the six-person CF National Executive after being proposed by Chairman Oliver Cooper and seconded by Deputy Chairman Rob Manning.

A senior Tory source told TBG - "Ellie is a popular CF branch chairman from rural Wiltshire in the South West and currently studies at SOAS. She ran for the Deputy Chairman for Membership position last year, and only narrowly came second in a three-horse race."

CF National Chairman Oliver Cooper told TBG - "It’s hugely important to have a team in place that can continue our work to support branches across the country, especially in the run-up to freshers’ fairs. CF has a presence at more universities than ever – twice as many as in 2012 – making the Conservatives the biggest and best party on campus. Over 100 CF branches have been created in the last year - on campus and off - and CF needs a united team to support our growing membership."

Ellie Vesey-Thompson said - "With the 2015 election fast approaching, it's vital that we continue to build on the wide network of young people that the party has, and ensure that chairmen across the country have the support they need to maintain and develop their branches. Upcoming freshers’ events across the country are much more crucial in pre-election years, and it is important that our university branches are supported as much as possible.

"I will not be standing in the upcoming CF election, so I am aware that my time in this post will be short. But I intend to work as hard as possible with CF chairmen across the country to ensure that the handover to the new executive puts them in a position to really focus on the general election."

The Executive has the responsibility to fill vacant positions under article 6.2.5 of the CF Constitution.