CUCA Plans For CF Affiliation With Centre-Right United Russia Party Dumped as Mottram Backs Out.

JAMES MOTTRAM has denied he is running for Conservative Future National Chairman, after a senior Cambridge University Conservative Association (CUCA) official told TBG he would run to crush "threats wholly not of this world".

Mottram exclusively told TBG - "It had been proposed to launch a bid to take over the CF National Exec with a new slate, offering proposals including a link with Nashi and other youth groups associated with the centre-right United Russia party, new funding for CF from certain benefactors and more aggressive efforts to lobby the party leadership for policies such as: a less Atlanticist foreign policy, restrictions on fracking, and further deregulation of international financial controls for the City [sic].

"I was approached to run not for Chairman but Deputy-Political and act as campaign manager for the entire slate, and asked to suggest 'kind but firm' options for Best Practice, hence Mr Wood being considered; the proposed candidate for Chairman was someone who has also attracted independent speculation as casting their hat into the ring.

"I was not entirely sold on the suggestion as I do have much better things to do than involving myself with CF; however owing to present diplomatic complications resulting from the situation in the Ukraine it recently became impossible for the prospective financial backers of this effort to transfer the funding which had been promised to support the campaign and the proposal fell through [sic]."