Another Lib Dem Bites The Dust as 'Fake Inquiry' Exposed.

Chair' of Portsmouth Lib Dems declares victory as another one bites the dust

HOT on the heels of the Eleanor Scott row in Portsmouth another top Lib Dem has quit the party this week.

This time its alleged Lord Rennard victim Susan Gaszczak.

Susan was a 2010 candidate in Rayleigh and Wickford and was a member of the federal conference committee.

In her resignation she said - "I can no longer be a member of a party that feels it is acceptable for the then Chief Executive to invite me to his hotel room to advance his career."

Another top Lib Dems member, Charlotte Henry is said to be on the brink saying - "Lord Rennard is destroying the party he claims to have built."

The news came on the same night that TBG received fresh information about the alleged Lib Dem cover-up in Portsmouth regarding Eleanor Scott after what's being labelled as a "fake inquiry" into bullying by local residents.