'A Mix of Lenninism and Thatcherism': Shanks Makes Bid For Tory Youth National Chairman.

GARETH SHANKS says he wants to stand for Tory Youth Chairman and is already devising a manifesto. His "themes" and thoughts include changing the top jobs name to "President", to reflect his Republican views, and supporting the introduction of all ALL Women Shortlists, TBG can exclusively reveal.

It's unclear if Shanks will gain the required support of Conservative Future (CF) members having said policies, though when challenged on this Shanks sensationally claims - "Well I'd certainly say there's a mix of Lenninism and Thatcherism in there."

As well as all women shortlists and changing the Chairman's title to President, Shanks reckons he can convince the Tory Youth Brigade to back closer ties with unions - "Closer ties to the Unions naturally, before Thatcher a 1/3 of all election union reps were tory party voters. Thats a huge section of the working class right there."

"And in the interests of total personal liberty, I will support worker's control of factories and workplaces" - continued Shanks.

Gareth Shanks is the founder of Friends of Palestine in CF which he says is, "to combat a heavily zionist and frankly often anti Muslim Pro Israel lot."