Legal Threats Made to TBG Source.

TBG PUBLISHED a story earlier today about potential 'forgeries' in a letter released within the CF election arena, this article was taken down at the request of the sources used within it.

Legal threats of Libel were made against TBG's sources. TBG removed the story so not to cause the sources any unnecessary stress and worry.

The gagging order may pave the way for the return of Zanu CF.

Tory Youth Women Say Time is Right For First Ever Elected Female National Chairman in Open Letter.

AISHA VANCE, the Chair' of Conservative Future (CF) Women, has signed an open letter from a group of female CF'ers that are backing Alexandra Paterson declaring the time has come for a female CF National Chairman, TBG can reveal.

The Tory Youth wing have never had an elected female National Chairman according to TeamPaterson. Female CF'ers from across the country have now united to say the time is right for Alexandra Paterson.

One CF'er told TBG - "Alexandra Paterson has proven herself to be a strong campaigner, leading massive Tory Road Trips to Chester, Cheadle, Enfield North, Portsmouth South, Harlow and Newark."

Tory Youth Womens' Letter

UPDATE: CF'ers argue that Hannah Parker was the first female CF Chair' in 2001. Team Paterson argue she was not actually elected.

EXCLUSIVE: Former NUCA President in Tory Youth Wing National Executive Bid.

JENNY HUYNH has sensationally announced her serious intention to stand for the position of Conservative Future (CF) National Best Practice Officer, TBG can reveal.

Jenny has much experience in the Tory Party and has taken an "active social role" in a number of party conferences - as well as enlivening CF and regional events around the country. She is a Politics graduate from the University of Nottingham, where she took on the role of President of its Conservative Association (NUCA). Jenny says she intends to use her, "wide-ranging skills and experience to push CF - as a vital part of the senior Party - onwards to a resounding victory in 2015".

Jenny told TBG - "If it is to remain a powerful youth wing, it is essential that CF diversifies and broadens its reach beyond the London clique."

"I'm committed to ensuring that every member feels valued, involved, and politically-engaged. CF is not a machine: it is a group of individuals, coming together for the sake of the nation. And, if managed well, it is a formidable force. As Best Practice Officer I have both the capacity and the drive to ensure the realisation of this vision."

Whilst her campaign is apparently "sincere", TBG understands Jenny is not going to take herself too seriously. Her slogan is #BestPrincess4BestPractice.

Jenny said - "I invite my considerable fan base to use this hashtag in support of my bid to make CF a better, more motivated institution."

Knives Come Out For Team Paterson - CF National Chairman Candidate Attacked Over Data & Qualifications.

Alexandra Paterson

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) have been officially thrown into National Elections this week, as past elections go they can get quite bloody and this one seems like no exception so far with what one CF'er called "Desperate" attacks on favourite to snatch the CF crown, Alexandra Paterson, TBG can reveal.

CF National Chairman candidate Alexandra Paterson launched her campaign yesterday and immediately came under fierce attack by her rivals after activists received emails they say they did not sign up for. Other Tories have also pointed out to TBG that Paterson describes herself as a barrister but is in actual fact a solicitor.

Last year a CF National Chairman candidate was forced to pull out of the race after breaching the Data Protection Act, it would seem like a huge schoolboy error for any camp to repeat such mistakes this time around.

TBG has received dozens of complaints about an email sent out from the Paterson camp that activists say they did not sign up for. However, TBG understands that the data was actually harnessed from public voluntary lists from local associations and not internal CCHQ membership data, this is apparently well within the rules.

Though one CF'er has told TBG - "I'm rather unimpressed that a supposedly qualified legal professional could be so reckless when it comes to data protection. Can they explain themselves? I have never provided my email address to anyone in Conservative Future. Only the party's central office will have it as part of my membership."

Another deeply concerned CF'er contacted TBG after Paterson introduced herself as a barrister and her website stated she is a barrister. However, after checks with the BSB, barrister regulators, it has come to light that Paterson did the BPTC qualification but never finished her training and works as a solicitor.

"She (Paterson) works as a solicitor but has been introducing herself as a barrister to everyone in CF" - said the Tory source.

Team Paterson insiders say that the National CF Chairman candidate "is not a full barrister". One source commented - "She says on her website that she is a solicitor with higher rights of audience", which TBG understands "to be a barrister during case process".

'Left Wing Union Militants Continue to Try And Grind Public Services to a Halt'.

The news that the same left wing union militants who continue to try to grind public services to a halt are yet again bankrolling the Labour Party under Red Ed Miliband speaks volumes.

Latest Electoral Commission figures show that Labour got £8 million from the unions in 2013.

What this in itself shows is that whilst the unions stuff the party's pockets they also pick the leader and buy the policies.

Policies like scrapping the welfare cap, wasting even more money on pointless pen pushers in the public sector, and re-nationalising the railways that would ultimately cost the tax payer £166 Billion over five years.

Don't these left wing loonies think they have done enough damage already with the unemployed millions and £450 Billion deficit that they left in 2010?

What this clearly proves is that Labour never learn from the mistakes of the past because they always will be the party of tax and spend.

Alexander Stafford Set For Tory Youth National Chairman Campaign Launch This Saturday.

ALEXANDER STAFFORD will apparently launch his bid to become the next Conservative Future National Chairman this Saturday at an undisclosed location in Central London, TBG can reveal.

One source from inside the Ealing Councillor's camp told TBG there will be, "a lot of supporters present. He is keen to reach out to as many people as possible."

TBG revealed that serious contender Cllr Stafford was to run for National Chairman in the early hours of this morning.

Jesse Lucas Wants to be Tory Youth National Chairman.

The contenders are lining up fast

EXCLUSIVE: Team Paterson Launch Conservative Future National Executive Bid.

HOTLY TIPPED Tory activist Alexandra Paterson will launch her bid to succeed Oliver Cooper as Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman this morning, as first reported on theblueguerilla, TBG can exclusively reveal.

After a week of rumours, speculation and backroom deals the favourite to take the CF crown, Paterson, is expected to announce her candidacy in the lead role for a CF #RoadTrip2015 slate and launch her campaign website at around 11am.


Paterson has launched her campaign & website, as predicted, with an open letter to CF'ers, a comprehensive RoadTrip2015 slate and boasts endorsements from high level politicos including Parliament Street CEO Patrick Sullivan.

Paterson, 29, says she wants to expand #RoadTrip2015 and have CF focus in 40/40 Tory target seats leading up to the 2015 General Election, as well as a monthly online Google Hangout session which members can use to contact the Executive personally regardless of their location in the UK. You can view her manifesto here.

Alexandra told TBG - "I am delighted to announce that I will be standing as National Chairman of Conservative Future.

"We are less than a year away from the General Election and CF needs to be an effective and well organised machine.

"I believe that I am the right person to lead CF as Chairman. Along with the rest of the team, I am one of the key members of the successful RoadTrip 2015 project and helped organise the campaign day which brought over 300 RoadTrip2015 activists to canvass and leaflet in Newark.

"I am originally from the North West and have been a long term activist for the party, most recently as Greater Manchester CF Chairman in 2013/14.

"The rest of the team joining me are Stephen Canning who is running for Deputy Chair Political, India Brummit who is running for Deputy Chair Membership and Annabel Shaw who is running for Deputy Chair Membership. They are all dedicated and hard working RoadTrip2015 Co-ordinators.

"I also give thanks to Oliver Cooper who has done an amazing job as Chairman over the past 18 months and wish him well with his future plans.

"I would like to ask you for your support for my campaign.

"Please visit the TeamPaterson website at"

Conservative Future National Chairman Candidate Jacob Wilkinson in Policy Row as Website Taken Offline.

JACOB WILKINSON announced his intention to run for Tory Youth National Chairman yesterday in the other place, only for his website to be seemingly abandoned and sensationally taken offline just minutes later.

The disastrous start to his campaign apparently came as Conservative Future (CF), the Tory youth wing, members were left shocked and dismayed at the content of his website and policy announcements.

One Tory told TBG - "If he can't run a website how can he run CF?"

Wilkinson told TBG he was having website problems as his, "techy mate has gone on a 3 week bender to Magaluf."

Cooper Coup'd: CF Chairman Hails #RoadTrip2015 a 'Stellar Success' as he Stands Down.

Oliver Cooper (left) & RoadTrip2015 Slate National CF Chairman Candidate Alexandra Paterson

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) National Chairman Oliver Cooper will not seek re-election in August's ballot after a sensational & successful coup by activists, as reported exclusively on TBG last week. Cooper has hailed CF's "greater impact" on the campaign trail, lambasting #RoadTrip2015 a "stellar success" in an "announcement" on Facebook.

CF Chairman Cooper said the organisations "successes need to be built on with a new team", supporting campaign efforts above all.

"Most importantly, CF is having a greater impact on the campaign trail, from local and regional campaign days to the stellar success of RoadTrip2015. Our successes over the past year have been great, but the year leading up to a general election, is a new challenge, and these successes need to be built on with a new team. As such, despite so many people asking me to re-stand – which I still take as a form of flattery – I will not be seeking re-election as National Chairman."

A huge row allegedly erupted last week at TubeTrip after Cooper was supposedly asked not to stand in the elections, but is said to have backed down to activists and agreed to depart on good terms whilst endorsing the campaign which has ultimately led to the popular Chairman's downfall, #RoadTrip2015.

EXCLUSIVE: Ealing Councillor Stafford 'Likely' to Stand For Tory Youth National Chairman.

A FLURRY of activity has hit Conservative Future (CF) since the official announcement of National Elections yesterday, exclusively revealed by TBG last Monday.

Today TBG can reveal Ealing Councillor & serious contender Alexander Stafford may be set to make a sensational bid to Lead CF.

One Tory insider claims - "I have heard from very good sources that Alexander Stafford is likely to put his name forward in the coming days for national CF Chairman."

Alexander has been involved with the party for many years having been North West London Area Chairman and was elected a councillor in Ealing earlier this year. He has close links within the Tory Party after working in Parliament for both Andrew Rosindell and Owen Paterson during his time as Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Stafford currently works in Public Affairs.

The sources also claims - "Alex is gaining support from members who have worked in Parliament and those who do not normally involve themselves with CF politics but are members of the party and eligible to vote in the elections."

[READ] EXCLUSIVE: Alexander Stafford Set For Tory Youth National Chairman Campaign Launch This Saturday

'A Mix of Lenninism and Thatcherism': Shanks Makes Bid For Tory Youth National Chairman.

GARETH SHANKS says he wants to stand for Tory Youth Chairman and is already devising a manifesto. His "themes" and thoughts include changing the top jobs name to "President", to reflect his Republican views, and supporting the introduction of all ALL Women Shortlists, TBG can exclusively reveal.

It's unclear if Shanks will gain the required support of Conservative Future (CF) members having said policies, though when challenged on this Shanks sensationally claims - "Well I'd certainly say there's a mix of Lenninism and Thatcherism in there."

As well as all women shortlists and changing the Chairman's title to President, Shanks reckons he can convince the Tory Youth Brigade to back closer ties with unions - "Closer ties to the Unions naturally, before Thatcher a 1/3 of all election union reps were tory party voters. Thats a huge section of the working class right there."

"And in the interests of total personal liberty, I will support worker's control of factories and workplaces" - continued Shanks.

Gareth Shanks is the founder of Friends of Palestine in CF which he says is, "to combat a heavily zionist and frankly often anti Muslim Pro Israel lot."

EXCLUSIVE: Hoff Has The Balls to Lead Conservative Future.

LEAKED: HEAVYWEIGHT Stephen Hoffman in sensational bid for CF National Chairman?

Maxwell Woodger in Bid For London Tory Youth Chairman.

MAXWELL WOODGER has officially launched his bid to become the next London Conservative Future Chairman, TBG can reveal.

TBG understands that May's 2014 Council candidate for Kensington & Chelsea will release his full manifesto very soon.

Maxwell's previous posts include Deputy Chairman Political of London CF Region in charge of Campaigning & Coordinating Super Saturdays, Deputy Chairman Membership of North-West London CF Area 2011-13 and branch Chairman of Kensington, Chelsea & Fulham CF 2011- present.

In May Woodger got 492 votes and managed to increase the Conservative Party vote share by 2%. He was the 3rd Youngest Conservative Party candidate to stand in Kensington & Chelsea, aged just 24.

Woodger told TBG - "I would like to run for Chairman of London CF as I have the ideas and experience required for this role from my many years of service in Conservative Future in London."

Conservative Future National Election Called - CCHQ Request CF Data From Local Associations.

CONSERVATIVE CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS have today emailed local associations asking for up-to-date data on Conservative Future (CF) members in the first official move by the Party with regards to "imminent" CF National Elections, TBG can exclusively reveal.

The email says CF candidate profiles need to be sent to CCHQ by 15th August with election results day set to be held on 22 August.

Rumours of national elections have intensified as of late with Alexandra Paterson and Stephen Canning expected to form part of a RoadTrip2015 slate which will bid for National Executive positions and Simon Harley in a bid for Best Practice Officer.

You heard it all here first on theblueguerilla.

MPs 'Threaten' Female Staff Who Sign Letter Slamming Party Response to Ruffley Girlfriend Assault.

REPORTS SUGGEST that MPs' staffers have been "blackmailed" and "threatened" for signing a letter, which was set to be published in Wednesday's Times, about the Party response to David Ruffley accepting responsibility over an assault on his partner, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Bury St Edmunds MP Ruffley has announced he will not restand for Parliament at the 2015 General Election today after accepting a police caution for assault on his partner.

The letter in the spotlight states - "This Conservative-led government has a proud record of acting to prevent domestic violence. We consider it unacceptable that a man who has accepted a caution for assaulting his partner should continue in his position."

Guido Fawkes claims that some MPs - "Emotionally blackmailed and even threatened their female staff with disciplinary measures to stop them signing the letter".

Ruffley has today told journalists that a "protracted media debate" about his future would not serve the interests of his party and he was leaving with a "heavy heart".

In 2007 former Tory MP, recently turned Labour Councillor, Andrew Pelling MP was arrested under suspicion of assaulting his wife and the whip was immediately withdrawn. No charges were ever brought against the former MP.

[READ] Letter from "dozens" of women affiliated with the Conservative Party

EXCLUSIVE: Team Paterson Launch Tory Activist Survey to Determine New RoadTrip2015 Destinations.

WIDELY TIPPED Tory Youth National Chairman Candidate Alexandra Paterson and her team have today released a survey for Conservative Party activists to take-part and have their say on new destinations for #RoadTrip2015, TBG can reveal.

A source from inside the Paterson camp said - "TeamPaterson have launched a survey asking members to vote for where they would like to see a RoadTrip go."

It's the first attempt by anyone in the party so far to interact with activists, gauge opinions and request input regarding the future of the highly successful Conservative Party campaign arm, RoadTrip2015.

Take the survey here

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Deputy Rob Manning Will Not Re-stand.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE National Deputy Chairman Political Rob Manning will not re-stand for the job in the upcoming election, TBG can reveal.

It's the third of the top three that will now not re-stand for the CF National Executive, in the elections expected to be announced in the next day or two, after deputy for membership Sarah-Jane Sewell quit her post after "abohorrent" treatment and the CF National Chairman succombing to the coup d'etat by activists.

Manning exclusively told TBG - "I made the decision some time ago that I would not be standing for re-election to the CF National Executive. Whilst continuing to support the Party’s General Election campaign on a national basis, I will be focussing on my private career as well as my local Party responsibilities in Greater Manchester, both as a Federation and Area Officer.

"I’m very proud to have worked with some extraordinary people within CF; our organisation is made up of some great talent who live and breathe our Party’s values of hard work and aspiration in everything that they do.

"Having served as a Regional Chairman, I’m pleased to have been a part of empowering the Regional College and promoting collaborative working. The efforts of the Regional Chairmen ensure that we have strong branches on the ground and I’d like to take the opportunity once again to praise them for their efforts.

"I look forward to working out the rest of the term on the National Executive, and to continuing to spread the Conservative message into the future across the country."

EXCLUSIVE: UCL Back Alexandra Paterson for Tory Youth National Chairman.

Alexandra Paterson

THE BATTLE for Conservative Future (CF) is well underway with University College London (UCL) Conservative Society being the first to come out in support of Alexandra Paterson for CF's top job, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Louisa Townson, President of UCL Tories, told TBG - "Under Cooper, CF has seen the phenomenal growth of university CF branches. But now it's time to use the awesome manpower and passion of the university branches to fight and win in 2015.

"I believe Alex Paterson and her team will support and engage the University activists, getting everyone out campaigning for a Conservative majority. They have already proved this through RoadTrip2015 after all! It's for this reason UCL will be backing Team Paterson."

TBG understands that it's being regarded as an essential endorsement as critically their "hundreds" of members are definitely in the Merlin system, the Conservative Party's database used for sending out ballots and collecting information for internal use.

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Councillor Stephen Canning Set to Run For Conservative Future Deputy Chairman on #RoadTrip2015 Slate.

CONSERVATIVE PARTY Essex Councillor and Eastern Chairman for the party's youth wing, Stephen Canning, is set to join Alexandra Paterson on the #RoadTrip2015 slate and sensationally stand for election in the upcoming race for the Conservative Future (CF) National Executive, TBG can reveal.

TBG understands from senior Tory insiders that Canning will launch an audacious 2nd time-around bid to become the Tory Youth Wings Deputy Chairman Political.

The pace has picked up within CF since the world exclusive blockbuster announcement here on theblueguerilla that Tory youth national elections are "imminent". Activists jockeying for position now include Alexandra Paterson who's widely tipped to run for National Chairman, Simon Harley & his independent bid for Best Practice Officer and now Stephen Canning more than likely to step up again.

Ellie Vesey-Thompson Co-Opted Conservative Future Deputy Chairman After Sewell Departure.

JUST HOURS after Sarah-Jane Sewell sensationally threw in the towel on the Conservative Future (CF) National Executive Ellie Vesey-Thompson has been unanimously co-opted as CF's new Deputy Chairman for Membership, filling the roll Sewell vacated, TBG can reveal.

Vesey-Thompson, who ran against Sewell in the last CF elections for the job of deputy, was co-opted by "unanimous agreement" of the six-person CF National Executive after being proposed by Chairman Oliver Cooper and seconded by Deputy Chairman Rob Manning.

A senior Tory source told TBG - "Ellie is a popular CF branch chairman from rural Wiltshire in the South West and currently studies at SOAS. She ran for the Deputy Chairman for Membership position last year, and only narrowly came second in a three-horse race."

CF National Chairman Oliver Cooper told TBG - "It’s hugely important to have a team in place that can continue our work to support branches across the country, especially in the run-up to freshers’ fairs. CF has a presence at more universities than ever – twice as many as in 2012 – making the Conservatives the biggest and best party on campus. Over 100 CF branches have been created in the last year - on campus and off - and CF needs a united team to support our growing membership."

Ellie Vesey-Thompson said - "With the 2015 election fast approaching, it's vital that we continue to build on the wide network of young people that the party has, and ensure that chairmen across the country have the support they need to maintain and develop their branches. Upcoming freshers’ events across the country are much more crucial in pre-election years, and it is important that our university branches are supported as much as possible.

"I will not be standing in the upcoming CF election, so I am aware that my time in this post will be short. But I intend to work as hard as possible with CF chairmen across the country to ensure that the handover to the new executive puts them in a position to really focus on the general election."

The Executive has the responsibility to fill vacant positions under article 6.2.5 of the CF Constitution.

'Yet Again the Conservatives Have Cleaned up the Mess'.

So, yet again, as has been the case with every Labour Government since 1945, the Conservatives have cleaned up the mess the socialists left behind.

Yet in my opinion both this and the Long Term Economic Plan doesn't guarantee success for David Cameron in 2015.

If the Conservatives want to win they need to work to win and that means a combination of good campaigning as we have seen with #RoadTrip2015 and #TubeTrip2015 and zealous policies that go further than Labour could even dream of.

Policies like lowering tax credits in favour of higher tax allowances to encourage work over dependency.

Policies like cutting the higher tax rate that would inject more money into the economy.

And policies like de-regulating the state and giving more power back to the individual.

However, its also about telling the sceptics that this isn't right wing Conservatism but in actual fact is Common Sense Conservatism.

EXCLUSIVE: Simon Harley in Bid For Conservative Future National Executive Role.

Harley manifesto leak

SIMON HARLEY is the first person to declare his intention to run for Conservative Future (CF) Best Practice Officer, for the second time on the trot, TBG can exclusively reveal.

TBG understands the CF'er will immediately launch his bid upon an "imminent" announcement by the Conservative Party on CF National Elections.

TBG can exclusively disclose Harley's manifesto. Harley says - "As your Best Practice officer I would work to improve Conservative Future's relationship with the Party and with its members, wherever they are in our United Kingdom. Giving National C.F. a constitution and a website that are fit for purpose. Providing clear advice on all aspects of our work as a great campaigning and socialising organisation. Finding out what the membership thinks on matters which affect them. Educating members on the great history of our Party. All of which is laid out in this manifesto."

Policies Simon wishes to implement into the CF constitution include:

• A distribution of business for the National Executive
• Regional elections to NOT be tied to National Executive elections
• No term limits for the National Executive
• Recognition that not all members of the Party under the age of 30 and/or students are represented or wish to be represented by Conservative Future
• Recognition of constituent sections of Conservative Future. Any item concerning the organisation of Conservative Future at the national level would be open to debate

[READ] Simon Harley Best Practice Officer 2014/15 Manifesto in FULL

Conservative Future National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell Quits After 'Abhorrent' Treatment.

TORY YOUTH National Deputy Chairman for Membership Sarah-Jane Sewell has sensationally quit her post just hours before an expected Conservative Party announcement on fresh CF National Elections, saying she has been "besmirched in the most abhorrent fashion", TBG can reveal.

The Conservative Future (CF) Deputy Sarah told TBG - "It is with a mixture of relief and regret, that I must tender my resignation thirty one and a half months since the day I was elected to the position of Conservative Future National Deputy Chairman Membership."

The CF National Executive has apparently been the focus of a coup d'etat by activists from the major 2015 campaign arm of the Conservative Party.

Dramatic news reached TBG on Wednesday that Sarah had been asked "not to stand" by Party insiders and may be ditched for upcoming elections in a similar fashion to that of her colleague & current National CF Chairman Oliver Cooper.

Sarah says she is "concerned" about the promotion of a Team2015 candidate for the upcoming election saying - "I am left concerned that a widely suggested candidate for national chairman has apparently been promoted using the Conservative Party’s Team2015 mailing lists and the Conservative Party social media accounts. I do not believe such conduct is in the spirit of democracy that our party has always stood for and I am not prepared to appear to condone this by remaining in office."

Sewell claims that she has been abhorrently besmirched on social media with untrue claims and adds - "I have little doubt that other opponents would be subject to similar treatment from those who seemingly act with impunity. I do wonder if I would have been quite as eager to get involved if I had seen the human bear baiting that takes place on social media now, as a seventeen year old searching for Conservative events on Facebook in 2011."

[READ] Sarah-Jane Sewell Damning Resignation Letter in Full

Alexandra Paterson Raises Thousands For Her Conservative Future Chairman Campaign.

HEAVILY RUMOURED Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman candidate Alexandra Paterson has apparently raised thousands of pounds to fund her campaign to lead the Tory Youth Brigade, TBG can reveal.

TBG understands an announcement on Tory Youth national elections could happen any day now but Paterson has already been working hard networking and exercising her patter with "leading Party donors" to raise money for her bid.

A senior member of the Paterson election machine told TBG - "This will allow her to travel the country and meet voters. She approached leading Party donors who funded the Roadtrip2015 project and who have pledged their support."

"CF needs funding and Alexandra Paterson has the connections and gravitas to have been able to raise tens of thousands for Roadtrip2015 and thousands for her own campaign" - the source concluded.

CUCA Plans For CF Affiliation With Centre-Right United Russia Party Dumped as Mottram Backs Out.

JAMES MOTTRAM has denied he is running for Conservative Future National Chairman, after a senior Cambridge University Conservative Association (CUCA) official told TBG he would run to crush "threats wholly not of this world".

Mottram exclusively told TBG - "It had been proposed to launch a bid to take over the CF National Exec with a new slate, offering proposals including a link with Nashi and other youth groups associated with the centre-right United Russia party, new funding for CF from certain benefactors and more aggressive efforts to lobby the party leadership for policies such as: a less Atlanticist foreign policy, restrictions on fracking, and further deregulation of international financial controls for the City [sic].

"I was approached to run not for Chairman but Deputy-Political and act as campaign manager for the entire slate, and asked to suggest 'kind but firm' options for Best Practice, hence Mr Wood being considered; the proposed candidate for Chairman was someone who has also attracted independent speculation as casting their hat into the ring.

"I was not entirely sold on the suggestion as I do have much better things to do than involving myself with CF; however owing to present diplomatic complications resulting from the situation in the Ukraine it recently became impossible for the prospective financial backers of this effort to transfer the funding which had been promised to support the campaign and the proposal fell through [sic]."

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Deputy Sarah-Jane Sewell May be Ditched & Told Not to Run in Upcoming Election.

SARAH-JANE SEWELL has allegedly been put in the same boat that's about to ship out of the Conservative Future (CF) National Executive and been told by Party activists not to bother running for CF Chairman, TBG can reveal.

After the Party Machine told CF Chairman Oliver Cooper not to run, a leading & major Party figure sensationally told TBG - "Having lost the backing of several promoted senior MPs there is concern that CF would be marginalised under her leadership."

Should Sewell choose to run, TBG understands senior MPs will not merely endorse her opponents but will, "actively denounce her as unfit for high office within the Conservative Party."

Cambridge University Conservative Association in CF Take-Over Bid to Crush 'Threats Not of This World'.


CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY Conservative Association (CUCA) is apparently throwing its hat in the ring to sensationally lead a new Conservative Future (CF) National Executive in "imminent" elections, putting up candidates for National Chairman and Best Practice Officer, TBG can reveal.

The news of a another take-over bid comes just a couple of days after TBG revealed plans for CF elections and that there is an ongoing coup plot to ditch Leader Oliver Cooper in favour of a Team2015 slate, with the new face of Team2015 Alexandra Paterson running for National Chairman.

According to a senior CUCA figure the world famous Tory Association have been observing events in CF with "increasing concern". Many of its members now feel that stepping up to the plate and running the organisation themselves is the only way to prevent CF careering into a: "Cringe-worthy abyss of B-list infighting, campaigning trips to weird seaside towns which do nothing more than annoy bemused local residents and 'curry nights' with non-descript (think 'James Generic' of Newark fame) Conservative MPs who have nothing better to do and probably fancied a curry anyway."

TBG understands that prestigious former CUCA chairman James Mottram is set to run for National Chairman and will deliver a wide-ranging speech to the East India Club bar sometime in the near future with another "eminent" CUCA chairman, Callum Would, running as Best Practice Officer.

While details of Mr Mottram's speech have yet to be finalised he is expected to open his bid by stating that CF currently "lacks kindness" when dealing with its internal affairs and, as such, has made itself vulnerable to threats "not wholly of this world".

A senior CUCA source told TBG - "Mottram is also expected to sympathise with those irritated by the current National Chairman's, Oliver Cooper's, habit of turning up to university Conservative society drinks events uninvited in order to snaffle a cheeky free glass of Hendrick's Gin or Dow's Port, saying, 'Mr Cooper, as a valiant supporter of the free market, should know that welfarism is a cancer that destroys society, whatever setting it may occur in'."

Many also predict that Mr Mottram will strongly attack CF's latest campaigning idea, #RoadTrip2015, claiming, "In the twenty-first century effective campaigning involves employing subtle web-based mediums to convey messages and generate enthusiam; door-stepping is now not just ineffective and costly, it is also embarassing".

It's also expected that CUCA CF National Chairman candidate will launch a savage attack his potential opponent for CF National Chair, saying, "if Alexandra Paterson turned up at my door campaigning I would call her mother or her secondary school, I definitely wouldn't take what she said credibly, sadly".

It is also expected that the announcement of Mr Would's candidacy for Best Practice Officer will be included in Mr Mottram's speech. Mr Would is to be hailed as a "kind but just man" who 'will do to CF what he did to CUSU' and "exorcise its demons".

Sources at CUCA have revealed Mr Mottram is to claim that Mr Would's best practice policies will include requiring all CF members to have received all the Catholic sacraments, expelling libertarians and those who are only CF members for "some cut-price Vindaloo and a cheeky shag at conference in Bournemouth". Mottram also has plans to ensure that all future CF elections take place in Fisher House, Cambridge University's Catholic Chaplaincy, in a room with a locked door, the code for which will only be given to certain "men of kindness" in order to prevent "unfortunate accidents of democracy such as have occurred in CF's recent history".

After Mr Mottram's speech at the East India Club he is expected to hold a meeting with Oliver Cooper at a KFC of his choosing at which he will demand his support for his and Mr Would's candidacy. Sources close to Mr Mottram claim that he is "quietly confident" of receiving Mr Cooper's backing, having already received the backing of a number of other senior figures within the Conservative movement such as the Fellow Conspirator, Lord Cucan, the Punisher and, most recently, Desmond Fauntleroy.

[READ] - CUCA Plans For CF Affiliation With Centre-Right United Russia Party Dumped as Mottram Backs Out

LEAKED: Alexandra Paterson Bid to Lead CF Begins as the New Face of Conservative Party #Team2015.

ALEXANDRA PATERSON has begun her march to lead Conservative Future and been propelled to the forefront of the Conservative Party's #Team2015 new campaign to gain more volunteers, TBG can reveal.

TBG has seen a leaked official party letter that is being used to promote Team2015. Sources say the use of Paterson is because the Tory Party Machine see her as a "hardcore campaigner" and "trusted", she "is now the face of Team2015".

The Cooper Coup, exclusively revealed by TBG, is well underway with the current CF Chairman Oliver Cooper set to back Paterson for the top job after a bust-up at TubeTrip over the issue.

The new face of Team2015 Alexandra Paterson says in the official Conservative Party document, obtained by TBG:

"Like you, I care about Britain's future. I want to live in a country where our children get the best education, hardworking taxpayers can get on in life, and pensioners are well looked after in retirement.

"That's why I joined Team2015 - and why I'm asking you to volunteer today.

"Team2015 is at the heart of our campaign to secure a Conservative majority. Volunteers like me are delivering leaflets and speaking to voters in the seats that will decide the next election - playing our part in securing Britain's future.

"I love being a part of Team2015 and doing my bit to make sure Britain never goes back to Labour’s way of more spending, more taxes, and more debt than future generations can ever hope to pay off.

"Join Team2015 today - and let's win the next election and secure that better future for Britain.

"Thanks, Alexandra"

LEAKED - Official Conservative Party document:

YI in Crisis.

I think YI is coming to a crisis point. In the near-ish future Young Independence will become nothing more than a few teenagers controlled and dragged around by the party. Certainly not a youth movement.

Check either my blog or TBG's and you will see lots of stories about Jack Duffin's rise to power and how he is trying to manipulate the membership. YI members seem to be correct when they say that Duffin is launching as a 'cull of the libertarians'. It would also seem that in Duffin's YI everyone must think like him and do only what he says. This means Young Indpendence cannot work as a youth movement.

The libertarian section is vital to the future of YI not just because it makes up a large portion of the membership. Free thought and debate is the most essential part of a youth movement. Without this there can be no 'real' youth group. And look at the results of Duffin's actions. Not only are important members leaving left, right and centre but high up UKIP people are being turned off by YI's extremist leadership. YI is becoming Duffin's play thing.

YI is in crisis because it cannot survive if it continues down this path. But sadly for the Kippers it will do. The damage done cannot be reversed and Duffin is fused to the organisation like a limpet to a rock.

Obviously before I have half a dozen kippers post "oh but you're a Tory and so you're biased" I'd like to say yes I am a Tory and I am biased to some extent against YI. But these are the comments who is pretty reliably informed about what is going on and can take an honest observation. Also members shouldn't look for excuses in YI's problems.

Young Independence may be as a percentage the fastest expanding youth organisation but how many of those members are active participants? In reality the YI brain drain far outweighs the current increases.

Elliott has his own blog #ThingsElliotSays

EXCLUSIVE: Cooper Seduced by Coup.

CF Chairman Cooper (left) set to back contender Paterson (right) for top job

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) are heavily rumored to be set for a sensational "imminent" announcement on national elections, which will apparently include a 2015 Campaign Team slate that is set to "take-over" CF and lead the campaign for the Conservative Party into the 2015 General Election, TBG can reveal.

Sources have told TBG there has been an ongoing audacious plot to enact a coup and oust National Chairman Oliver Cooper in favour of Alexandra Paterson, which seems to be coming to fruition before CFrs' very eyes as speculation intensifies.

The juggernaut slate now seems unstoppable after rumuors of a dramtic argument between Cooper and a senior party activist were confirmed by Tory insiders when a CF'er exposed the row telling TBG the Party Machine wants to "hang Olly out to dry", over remarks made about "Sexual relations" whilst on the Tory campaign trail in The Times.

TBG can now exclusively disclose that Oliver Cooper is said to have yielded to the slate. TBG understands the CF Chairman will sensationally ask his supporters to vote Paterson for the top job in the Tory Youth Wing, which is now at the heart of the major Conservative Party campaign machine for the 2015 election.

It's unclear if the loyal & seemingly dedicated Oliver Cooper fans and supporters will lend their vote to Miss Paterson, but it'll be interesting to find out.

[READ] EXCLUSIVE: Alexandra Paterson Bid to Lead CF Begins as the New Face of Conservative Party #Team2015

Cooper Shock as Just Six People Turn up to Labour Action Day.

ACCORDING TO Conservative Future Chairman Oliver Cooper's retweet and despite having an attendance of over 300 at its behind closed doors National Policy Forum event this weekend in Milton Keynes, only six people bothered to turn up for the Labour Party Action Day in the city on Saturday.

This weekend in Crydon 107 people turned out for the first ever Conservative Party #TubeTrip2015 event with Gavin Barwell MP and Chris Grayling MP.

Seems as though the Broxtowe and Portsmouth South comparison was no one-off after all.

Hoorah Hammond.

Well done new Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond for saying that Britain should leave the EU if it refuses to reform.

The whole message from the electorate at the European Elections was one of scepticism yet despite their new federal president the EU just don't get it.

Businesses up and down the land are fed up of being lectured to.

Courts up and down the land are fed up of being directed at.

The EU needs to realise that when Britain elects its own Parliament then the sovereignty of that Parliament must come first and when Britain sends a sceptical message to Brussels then in the interests of democracy that voice must be heard.

Otherwise, far from being good for trade and good for business all the EU will become is a crypto-communist talking shop which will not be good value for money.

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Wing A-list National Elections 'Imminent', Huge Row Erupts at TubeTrip After CF Chairman Told Not to Stand.

CF Chairman Oliver Cooper

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) are set to be suddenly thrown into elections this summer to "prevent a long-drawn out campaign", according to sources, after a major party figure was overheard saying the Party Machine is ready to "hang Olly out to dry", TBG can reveal.

As the TubeTrip2015 drinks reception was in full swing this past Saturday, sensational discussions were taking place between the movers and shakers in the Tory Party to dramatically change the direction and face of the Tory Youth Brigade with as little blood-shed as possible.

One concerned CF'er yelped to TBG - "Discussions I overheard yesterday need public discussion. Last night at the drinks reception for the TubeTrip, a major party activist figure informed several well known CF'rs individually that there are to be imminent CF Elections held this summer - probably in mid-August. They will be called as close to the time as is possible to prevent a long-drawn out campaign. The decision has been taken at the highest levels."

Sources also say that there will be a combination of measures and briefing against CF Chairman Oliver Cooper to ensure a new person at the helm. A CF'er claimed to TBG - "Concerns are centered on the Times piece with quotes credited to Oliver Cooper on sexual relations on the Newark #RoadTrip2015."

The CF'er continued - "A major party figure was calling several lieutenants out to inform them of this and ask them to support a united candidate."

A CF A-list of potential unifying candidates has been revealed to TBG and includes the names Elliott Johnson, Stephen Canning, Hannah Rawbone, Mahyar Tousi, Antonia-Jade King, Sam Armstrong, and Alexandra Paterson.

The senior RoadTrip/party activist figure holding these conversations has apparently said they'd like support to build around Paterson as the unifying candidate.

Near the end of the evening a senior RoadTrip2015 figure and Oliver Cooper were allegedly embroiled is a bust-up and heard arguing loudly in the club smoking area, about Cooper not standing and throwing his weight behind Paterson.

According to Tory insiders CF National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell was on full campaign mode all evening, attempting to woo more backers for her potential CF Chairman bid.

[READ] - EXCLUSIVE: Cooper Seduced by Coup

A Toxic Liability.

Having covered the Mike Hancock Debacle for The Blue Guerilla blog now for over two years the apology from former council leader now Liberal Democrats Group Leader Gerald Vernon Jackson is not just too little and too late but also stinks of hypocrisy.

This lady, "Annie", who I have had the enormous pleasure of meeting and chatting to has suffered too much for Cllr Jackson to be able to get off with an apology.

For four years "Annie" as well as the blog I write for and Guido Fawkes have been smeared in a way which completely breaches the code of conduct of any public authority.

Even at full council we saw that little had changed in Lib Dem attitudes when Cllr Jackson tried to suggest he "miss-spoke" in a television interview.

Its a bit like someone saying they were a victim of photo-shopping even though they were guilty I think.

Gerald is a toxic liability so should do the right thing and resign.

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