Uproar as Lib Dem Councillor Takes Dog Poo Into Guildhall.

THIS is a picture that will bring shame to the Liberal Democrats up and down the land.

It's of Baffins Ward Councillor Lynne Stagg sensationally taking bags of dog poo into the Guildhall in Portsmouth prior to a Cabinet Meeting.

The same Lynne Stagg caught parking on double yellow lines and the same Lynne Stagg, who, as Mayor banned people from tweeting inside the building.

The public relations stunt has since backfired in the local media.

Portfolio Holder Robert New told TBG - "Those two are disgraceful. They looked very silly yesterday.

"Just went to show how little they know about Gerald Vernon Jackson hatchet job. What's worse is that Gerald Vernon Jackson sat back as puppet master and let them spout off [sic]."

Labour's John Ferrett said - "Are we sure these are not 'gift bags' handed out to guests at Cllr Fuller's parties?"