Tories Slam Dog Poo Councillor.

Former Lord Mayor, Cllr Lynne Stagg has come under fire for disrespecting the Council Chamber at Portsmouth Guildhall, where major meetings are held.

At a meeting last week, plans to review another contract signed by the previous administration were given the go ahead.

The contract with 3GS was to give them powers to issue spot fines to members of the public for dropping litter and also to dog owners who do not clear up any mess, similar to a scheme recently started in Havant.

Lib Dem Councillor for Baffins Ward, Lynne Stagg made a deputation at the meeting to argue that the contact should go ahead, and to highlight her point she brought in a bag containing dog faeces which she held up for all to see and smell.

Cabinet Member for Environment & Community Safety, Cllr Robert New said - "Figures show that less than 1% of fines are handed out for failing to clear up dog mess. This was a rather childish stunt by Cllr Stagg."

"The aim of the scheme is an objective I share, but, like so many contracts awarded by the previous administration, the potential cost to taxpayers was ridiculous."

The annual bill for engaging the services of 3GS could be in the region of hundreds of thousands of pounds and possibly over one million if we had to employ legal specialists too to deal with unpaid fines.

Cllr New added, "Havant Council are operating an almost identical pilot scheme yet the cost is expected to be a fraction of what was being proposed for Portsmouth. We can watch and learn from the pilot scheme at Havant at zero cost to the taxpayer and then review this again at the appropriate time.

"Like our decision to operate public toilets in a different way, this is another example of delivering the same or better services to the public, but at a lower cost."