Tories Out to Poach Lib Dem Councillor Who Quit Over Hancock Debacle.

Happier times: Scott (left), the host with the most David Fuller (center) & Mike Hancock MP (right)

PORTSMOUTH City Councillor Eleanor Scott has sensationally quit the Liberal Democrats completely.

Originally, Cllr Scott had resigned from the Lib Dems group on Portsmouth City Council over a bullying row but today she has left the Party completely calling the local group "rotten".

It's not known as to whether or not Cllr Scott plans to stay independent or join another party at this stage but local sources say the Tories are attempting to poach the free agent.

Today Scott said - "I have tried for years and years to sort this bullying out... I've seen no significant movement in the 5 months since I left the council group."

In a statement Live on BBC Radio Solent Cllr Scott said - "I am done, I have done my bit. This review, is not the review I was led to believe I was going to see. This has been difficult for me, it’s been very stressful over the last few years.

"It’s been five months since I resigned from the group and the cabinet and I’ve seen no significant movement at all in terms of the Lib Dems analysing and understanding themselves.

"That’s not to say I won’t carry on trying to uncover the truth. I will co-operate with any genuine review, inquiry or investigation but it won’t be as a Lib Dem member. The way I’ve been treated – it’s crossed the line."

Tory Councillor Robert New told Twitter - "In opposition, Cllr Scott was welcoming and inclusive to me. She didn't follow the LibDem line of malice and stirring. Respect to her.

"Smacks to me of being 'pushed out' It's alleged that GVJ favourite & LibDem youth activist Nassar Kessel has been promised Fratton ward?

"I'd of thought given Eleanor's hard work, LibDems would carry on with policy to not stand a candidate against Independents ala M Hancock."

In a further blow to the Party, earlier this morning it was exposed that the original deal that the then ruling Liberal Democrats signed for litter enforcement in the city was "illegal" and were it not for the actions of new Tory Council Leader, Donna Jones, could have cost the local taxpayer up to one million pounds in legal fees.