Tories Get Tough on Poor Hygiene.

Councillor closes eatery

He's only been in power for a week yet new Conservative Cabinet Member for Environment and Community Safety on Portsmouth City Council, Robert New, has already sprung deep into action.

Yesterday Robert told TBG - "I've just closed down my first restaurant today. It's extremely sad but necessary."

"I won't allow takeaways with exceptionally poor hygiene and rodent infestations to operate across this city, putting Public health at risk."

"I'm tough but fair."

"I want to support small businesses with business management help from the Council and officers, but I won't allow public health to be put at risk in the name of allowing small business to operate in unacceptable conditions, inspite of numerous notices to improve."

The move followed endless complaints about The New Fir Tree on Eastney Road in Southsea.

One complainant told Yelp - "When I moved into my old house my dad and myself ordered takeaway from here! It was terrible, so bad that my dad couldn't eat it (which is saying something as he hates waste)."

"The curry sauce had a horrible aftertaste, and the food was very greasy."

Another told Yelp - "Me and some friends had some food from this place recently, and were to put it lightly less than impressed."

"The sweet and sour chicken balls were alright-ish - but the balls themselves had strange yellow-coloured stuff in the middle around the chicken and the sweet and sour sauce had quite obviously been watered down and then recoloured with red food colouring, which frankly is an absolute joke."

"The egg fried rice was a bright yellow colour and the chicken and sweetcorn soup that my girlfriend had was watery, an opaque white colour and contained little in the way of chicken or sweetcorn. The spring rolls are worth a mention for their utter appallingness - simply a massive bit of pastry-like-whatever surrounding a mass of plain, unseasoned bean sprouts and about three prawns in each [sic]."

"The pastry had more flavour than the inside, and even that was totally unappetising. Can't honestly see myself ordering from this place again."