'This Conservative Led Government is on the Side of Families, Pensioners and Workers.'

The Queen’s Speech is yet another example of the Conservatives led Government being on the side of families, pensioners, workers, and those who work hard to get on in life.

If, as I suspect, its aim is to continue to work hard in order to secure the recovery for our country whilst giving people up and down the land security and peace of mind for the future then I'm all for it.

It helps working families bringing up children with childcare costs more than ever before with tax-free support of up to £2,000 a year for each child.

It helps people who have worked hard and saved for their pension pot and gives them the freedom to decide what to do with their money.

It protects workers by banning "zero hours" contracts where they prevent workers taking jobs elsewhere and raises the maximum fine to £2,000 per employee for employees who pay less than the minimum wage.

And, because of the tough decisions that have been taken by the Conservative led Government that have so regularly been opposed by the two Red Ed's in Old Labour, I believe The Queen's Speech provides room to carry on with the very successful Long-term Economic Plan that has so far seen the deficit reduced by over a third, income tax cut for 25 million people by an average £705, 1.5 million more jobs created, a welfare system that ensures work pays, 1.7 million more apprentices and above all, better schools for young people.

Yet this can only continue beyond 2015 with another Conservative Government under the magnificent Leadership of our fantastic Prime Minister, David Cameron.