'The UKIP Bubble Has Well And Truly Burst'.

What the result of the Newark By-Election shows is that at long last the UKIP bubble has well and truly burst.

It shows that when it comes to a Parliamentary Election, as opposed to a European Election, UKIP's policies are a failure and their party is a one issue and one man band.

Robert Jenrick is an absolute trooper who has worked the seat like a true professional and deserved victory for such a fantastic campaigning effort.

Roger Helmer is a right wing radical who's belief's are out of touch.

People want a party that is committed to falling unemployment, a stable economy, low interest rates, and that backs people who work hard and want to move forward in life as opposed to one that remains committed to the same of failure of tax and spend that left us in such a mess in 2010 yet has learnt none of its lessons since.

It also shows that David Cameron is on course for his own mandate in 2015 too.