Portsmouth's Finest at Her Best.

TBG's favourite MP Penny Mordaunt has had a busy week.

Yesterday the Portsmouth North MP became only the second woman to propose the loyal address in Queen Elizabeth II's reign and it was a cracker.

Speaking of her pleasure that more women were serving in the armed forces and might in future be allowed to fight on the frontline, Ms Mordaunt sensationally told an anecdote about her own naval training on how to care for your penis and testicles in the field.

The organisers clearly did not anticipate that some of the people due to attend had been issued with the incorrect kit.

Outside of the Commons Ms Mordaunt is best known for taking part in ITV's diving contest, Splash! and at the same time raising lots of money for the Hilsea Lido in her constituency.

Penny is with the Sea Lords
After the address Prime Minister David Cameron called Ms Mordaunt a "real parliamentary star."

Just 24 hours earlier Penny took the strain by raising even more money for charity, this time to help Macmillan Cancer Support, in a charity Westminster tug of war.

Ms Mordaunt's hectic week continued this morning at this D Day event in Southsea.