Mike Hancock MP Admits 'Inappropriate' Relationship With Mentally Ill Constituent.

MIKE Hancock has today admitted an "inappropriate and unprofessional" relationship with a mentally ill constituent, apologising to her for "any distress, anger and worsening of your psychiatric condition".

Hancock admitted the abuse to avoid court and comes as TBG put out a by-election alert last night for the constituency of Portsmouth South, which the Tory flagship campaign machine 'Road Trip 2015' will be visiting July 12th.

The complainants solicitor is thought to have told Sky News that Mike Hancock is not fit to be an MP and the Lib Dem leadership is complicit in any abuse that's taken place. A devastating press release by the complainants solicitor can be found on Political Scrapbook.

Sources say Mike Hancock is expected to be expelled from the Lib Dems "swiftly".

Hancock's apology to the alleged victim states: "In October 2009 you first came to me as a constituent to seek my assistance as your MP and councillor. Subsequently and over several months I came to your home on several occasions, sometimes unannounced and conducted a friendship with you that was inappropriate and unprofessional.

"I understand that you felt degraded. I did not treat you with sufficient respect. I made you feel deeply uncomfortable and discriminated against, and I crossed the line...

"I can only apologise unreservedly to you for any distress, anger and worsening of your psychiatric condition that I caused.

"I accept that you did not bring the claim for financial gain and any statements make to the contrary were wrong. I also acknowledge that you have fought for many years to hold me to account, and that this should been resolved far sooner. I my self would have wished for it to be resolved far earlier and I am sorry that it wasn't."

[UPDATE] - "Clamouring" calls, including Tory Council Leader in Portsmouth Donna Jones, for Mike Hancock MP to resign.