Gerald Vernon Jackson Tries to Resurrect Career by Literally Talking 'Crap'.

IT'S had the people of Portsmouth in stitches for days.

Former leader of Portsmouth City Council Gerald Vernon Jackson is trying to resurrect his political career by literally talking "crap".

Yes, after leaving so much mess behind and open talk of a cover-up on top and after a decade in charge all the Lib Dems can come up with now is opposition to the Conservatives dropping his old plans for street patrol enforcement on what GVJ calls "dog mess".

Trouble is though, according to Portfolio member and Cllr Robert New its really Gerald getting in a mess.

The same patrols have been running in Havant since May and latest figures show that whilst eight people have been caught for rubbish littering not a single person has been fined for not cleaning up after their dog as the vast majority have been for people dropping cigarette butts instead.

This has prompted Robert and Leader Donna Jones to bin Gerald's Big Idea as even in Havant, "its already clogging up the courts".

Better luck next time Gerald.