EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Youth National Council in Plot Against Its Leader.

LEAKED: More YI leaks show its Leader dismissing revelations whilst trying to eliminate them

MORE grumblings from inside Young Independence (YI), the youth-wing of UKIP, over their Chairman's reign have landed in TBG's inbox from members claiming that promises of funding have "fallen through". Other accusations include the YI Leader is taking all the lime light and using his Deputy* "bodyguards" at NUS conference.

YI Leader & Chairman Jack Duffin seemed to realise within an hour of each leaked post that his very own YI Council is plotting against him just a couple of months into his tenure, TBG can reveal.

Revelations hit the headlines on this website a couple of weeks ago and caused a furore after the YI Leader slammed his predecessors and apologised for YI being "stagnated" for the past two years.

Since then a ground swell seems to be gathering pace against YI Leader Duffin and his leadership with sources commenting, "YI is doomed unless the membership do something and fast." This kind of talk from council & regular members has allegedly led to the YI Leader & Deputy using unkind tactics to keep a "stranglehold" on the YI Council.

An anonymous YI Council member sensationally told TBG - "As someone inside #campduffin, I'll say this - he is a complete dictator. He demands that all interviews are run by himself and Thomas Hoof (Deputy Chairman) so they can take the best for their selves and leave nothing for others. Duffin wasn't even wanted by sky news but he forced his way in [sic]."

Another YI source said - "The promises of money appear to have fallen through, no money has been given to YI by anyone. Jack reckons this is because of him being London regional officer for the elections (which he was also paid for!), but in reality it is because these payments were promised by the likes of Hamilton.

"The #getjackout campaign cannot start soon enough. If Duffin stands again, see promises for more money yet no delivery"
- the source concluded.