EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dems Suspend Local Selection Process.

LIBERAL Democrats have sensationally postponed the selection of local candidates for the 2015 Portsmouth City Council elections, TBG can exclusively reveal.

A statement issued by Chairman Simon Dodd earlier said - "We are postponing the selection of local candidates - a new calling notice will be issued this week with details of the rescheduled selection meeting."

Earlier an Open Letter was published by Independent Councillor for Fratton, Eleanor Scott, who is due up for election in 2015. TBG can exclusively reveal that it read as follows:

"Dear All

For the avoidance of doubt, I am objecting that the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats are pressing ahead with the selection for Fratton this week, ahead of the outcome of the review into the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats that has been commissioned by Tim Farron with the knowledge and support of Nick Clegg (both have written to me personally), and whilst a number of complaints and concerns of mine are still being assessed by Mike Wheatley. The review and the assessment of complaints inevitably concern Portsmouth Liberal Democrats who are scheduled to be part of the approval and selection process, and I believe that it is unfair and inequitable to proceed in these circumstances, given that I am the one who happens to be the 'sitting councillor' up for re-election in May.

You say you want to press on because the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats did not run a candidate in May against Mike Hancock. It was not my decision not to run a Liberal Democrat candidate in Fratton in May. As you are aware I strongly objected to this and indeed it is the subject of one of my complaints.

Furthermore, the approval process carries a clear presumption that I am signing my name to rejoining the Group. I cannot, on principle and in conscience, agree to consider rejoining the Group until all the troubling matters which are plaguing the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats are reviewed and properly resolved through principled and decisive action. In my personal opinion, and in my personal experience, there is still some very poor behaviour going on and some very poor judgement being exercised. I am therefore, according to your own rules, unable to present myself for approval this week.

I made a decision on the 25th January this year and I stand by it.

This is an open letter so please feel free to forward on to anyone else whom you feel should have sight of it.

Kind regards,

Despite this, Portsmouth Lib Dems insist the postponement is due to "overwhelming interest" and is "not linked to the group being investigated."

Yeah right.