Ed Balls 'Puzzled' by Labour's Poor Poll Showing in Newark.

ED BALLS last night seemingly took the very unusual step of issuing a tweet saying that he is "puzzled" by Ed Miliband's poor showing in Newark.

Ed Balls parody account

Though a parody, Miliband & Balls must be at a loss as to why they are languishing in 3rd spot in recent opinion polls in the area. And on the very day that the Labour Leader was exposed in The I Newspaper for planning to raise National Insurance to fund "extra NHS investment" and head off the cash crisis being reported in Tuesday's I, a fresh Newark poll showed the Labour Party struggling at just 24%.

In Tony Blair's heyday Newark was a Labour seat so if the party can't take the seat in a by-election TBG thinks that both Red Ed's may well have red faces again on Friday morning.

A separate poll commissioned by Lord Ashcroft last night gave the Conservatives a 15% lead over UKIP in Newark.

If Labour's poor showing were to be replicated in a General Election it would give David Cameron the first Conservative outright majority since John Major beat Neil Kinnock on 9th April 1992.

Miliband can take comfort that he's not alone in calling for higher taxes. Today's Times says the EU want higher UK taxes too.