Conservatives Hold Newark.

After one of the most successful campaigns run by a governing party in recent years, Robert Jenrick this morning became the new Conservative MP for the East Midlands market town of Newark in Nottinghamshire.

In a seat where they need to win and did win in 1997, Labour finished a very poor third:

1. Conservatives 17431
2. UKIP 10028
3. Labour 6842
4. Independent 1891
5. Greens 1057
6. Lib Dems 1004

Mr Jenrick told TBG - "The eyes of the nation are on Newark. My supporters have been at the heart of my campaign."

"We have fought a campaign on the issues that matter."

"The people of Newark have backed this Government's Long Term Economic Plan."

"Labour and Ed Miliband have no answers to the challenges Britain faces."