Conservative Future Better Than Ever.

Conservative Future (CF) Activist & Tory Cllr Stephen Canning

Hot on the heels of success in the Newark By-Election and in a week that his seen the civil war in UKIP's youth wing, Young Independence, take a turn for the worse, a leading CF'er has today spoken to TBG.

In an exclusive short interview, Braintree councillor and East of England Area Chairman Stephen Canning says - "I'm glad that our own youth wing has never been healthier."

"Conservative Future members are working together and fantastic events are happening across the country - from CF conferences in York and London, to summer balls in Cambridge, huge campaign days right across the country and CF'ers taking seats nationwide in the latest council elections."

On a day that saw record falls in unemployment and huge boosts for the economy even a Conservative majority once again pushed ahead of a Labour majority in the YouGov preferred General Election 2015 outcome tracker.