'British Social Attitudes Survey Sends Clear Signal'.

The news that the latest British Social Attitudes survey shows that the vast majority of people think that EU migrants should have to wait three years before being able to claim benefits is most encouraging.

It sends a clear signal to the government as regards future policy after the next election.

The fact of the matter is that the benefits system in Britain needs to be seen as a safety net for all but not a free-for-all.

What we saw under the last Labour Government between 1997 and 2010 completely underlines this.

Under Labour millions of migrants came into Britain taking unskilled jobs that should readily have been available to our own citizens and millions more came here just to milk our benefits system.

We need checks put in place so as not only are all foreign nationals banned from claiming benefits until they have paid into our system for three years from the point of entry into Britain but also so that they are refused work permits unless they can prove that they are going to be making a net contribution to the British economy as a whole.

In addition, British people should be given preference for non-skilled work in future too and I believe that this whole issue should also be at the heart of any future re-negotiation of our position in or out of the EU.