EXCLUSIVE: Tories Take Control of Portsmouth City.

Tory Group Leader Donna Jones


  • Conservatives to hold all Cabinet positions with the support of Labour and UKIP in a minority administration
  • Chair and Vice Chair of committees will however be shared by all of the parties.
  • Main meeting including election of council leader later this afternoon.
  • Council Leader wannabe Conservative Group Leader Donna Jones exclusively told TBG:

"If I am elected and the Conservative group forms a minority administration, the Cabinet will be a Conservative-only cabinet. We have had discussions with other political parties about forming a rainbow coalition, but sadly this was to no avail. So, for the good of the city and to start tackling the many issues we have, the Conservative group will take on the role.

"One of the reasons Ukip and Labour have supported me is because we all have a desire to see openness and transparency. For a decade there have been secret meetings, budgets made behind closed doors, poor consultation and no shared vision. This will change under a Conservative-led administration."


  • UKIP BLOCK Lib Dem Nomination and Tory turncoat, Sandra Stockdale, for Deputy Lord Mayor. Instead supporting Labour Candidate David Horne - who is duly elected.
  • Former Council Leader Gerald Vernon Jackson has exclusively told TBG that he will "definitely be standing for Portsmouth City Council again in his Milton Ward next year" even if he is Portsmouth South Lib Dems Parliamentary Candidate. When asked what would be the case if he became MP he conceded - "I would be a backbencher" on the council. A bit different from the Hancock Days.

  • Tory Donna Jones elected Leader of the Council.
  • Former Leader Vernon Jackson tells TBG - "We are worried 12 councillors is not a stable admin." "the other parties are therefore putting their support behind their decisions."
  • Tory turncoat Lee Hunt "Donna Jones has a job of herding cats from UKIP on the Right to Labour on the Left."
  • Mike Hancock campaign manager and Cllr Michael Andrewes: "A Labour Vote is now a Conservative vote."
  • Les Cummings to receive public apology from new administration.
  • Labour PPC John Ferrett has said - "Les Cummings case underlines the lack of transparency in the city. Council's reputation has been dragged through the mud over the past two years."

New Conservative Portsmouth Council Leader Donna Jones told TBG - "Who would have thought that it would have taken the support of the Conservatives, Labour and UKIP to end the Lib Dem days running and being responsible for the bullying culture in Portsmouth."