Bizarre Scenes at Hancock Jnr Trial.

THERE were bizarre scenes at the trial of Dean Hancock at Portsmouth Magistrates Court this morning when the son of Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock tried to get Les Cummings ejected from the public gallery, TBG can reveal.

Whilst denying a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm against Daily Express snapper Steve Reigate, Hancock Jnr alleged that Cummings was breaching bail conditions to stay away from the Hancock family but after a ten minute break it was agreed that because the Portsmouth South MP himself was not present, Mr Cummings was not in breach of the conditions and was allowed to stay.

Les Cummings received an apology this past week from new Tory Council Leader Donna Jones over his treatment by the last administration over abuse he says he suffered under Portsmouth City Council's care.


Dean Hancock has been found guilty of the assault of Daily Express snapper Steve Reigate at Portsmouth Magistrates Court.

The court rejected pipe fitter Dean's claims that he was acting in self-defence finding him guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and criminal damage to Mr Reigate's camera which was valued at almost £2,000.