'Arrogant Hancock'.

Just how arrogant can the Hancock family in Portsmouth get?

All in the very same week we saw no less than three examples of the incompetent, breathtaking arrogance and ignorance they stand for.

Time after time Mike Hancock has vigorously denied all of the allegations thrown at him by a vulnerable constituent yet now we are told that there may be an apology.

Last week at Portsmouth Magistrates we saw son Dean Hancock try to get off assaulting a member of the press even though his actions were clearly visible on camera and to the naked eye.

And on the same day last week, despite being no longer a councillor or employee of Portsmouth City Council, Jacqui Hancock was witnessed using the underground car park at the civic offices that is reserved for city council members and employees to attend her son's trial.

No wonder the people of Portsmouth have had enough of the Hancock's.

To put it nicely, they are not a very good bunch!