'Action Has Finally Been Taken to Tackle Extremism.'

I find it truly astonishing that the Labour Party are yet again trying to attack our magnificent Home Secretary, Theresa May.

I met Theresa when she visited Portsmouth during the 2010 General Election Campaign and you will not come across a nicer and kinder lady.

It is clear for all to see that Britain has a problem with extremism in some schools.

Under the last government, for thirteen long years, Labour failed to ban hate preachers.

Under the Conservatives action has finally been taken to tackle extremism.

This is proven not just by the action taken in Birmingham but also by Abu Qatada's deportation some time ago too.

So let's be crystal clear that the Conservatives should take no lectures from Labour let alone their pathetic bandwagon jumping and ambitious Shadow Home Secretary and wife of Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper because like most other problems Britain still faces, it was created under Labour.