Tories Out to Poach Lib Dem Councillor Who Quit Over Hancock Debacle.

Happier times: Scott (left), the host with the most David Fuller (center) & Mike Hancock MP (right)

PORTSMOUTH City Councillor Eleanor Scott has sensationally quit the Liberal Democrats completely.

Originally, Cllr Scott had resigned from the Lib Dems group on Portsmouth City Council over a bullying row but today she has left the Party completely calling the local group "rotten".

It's not known as to whether or not Cllr Scott plans to stay independent or join another party at this stage but local sources say the Tories are attempting to poach the free agent.

Today Scott said - "I have tried for years and years to sort this bullying out... I've seen no significant movement in the 5 months since I left the council group."

In a statement Live on BBC Radio Solent Cllr Scott said - "I am done, I have done my bit. This review, is not the review I was led to believe I was going to see. This has been difficult for me, it’s been very stressful over the last few years.

"It’s been five months since I resigned from the group and the cabinet and I’ve seen no significant movement at all in terms of the Lib Dems analysing and understanding themselves.

"That’s not to say I won’t carry on trying to uncover the truth. I will co-operate with any genuine review, inquiry or investigation but it won’t be as a Lib Dem member. The way I’ve been treated – it’s crossed the line."

Tory Councillor Robert New told Twitter - "In opposition, Cllr Scott was welcoming and inclusive to me. She didn't follow the LibDem line of malice and stirring. Respect to her.

"Smacks to me of being 'pushed out' It's alleged that GVJ favourite & LibDem youth activist Nassar Kessel has been promised Fratton ward?

"I'd of thought given Eleanor's hard work, LibDems would carry on with policy to not stand a candidate against Independents ala M Hancock."

In a further blow to the Party, earlier this morning it was exposed that the original deal that the then ruling Liberal Democrats signed for litter enforcement in the city was "illegal" and were it not for the actions of new Tory Council Leader, Donna Jones, could have cost the local taxpayer up to one million pounds in legal fees.

The Great Dog Poo Debate.

It might not be what everyone would like to listen to first thing in the morning but TBG can exclusively reveal that Portsmouth City Council Leader Donna Jones and former Leader Gerald Vernon Jackson are set to go head-to-head in a debate about the issue of dog poo in the city on BBC Local Radio today.

The issue has come under the spotlight since Liberal Democrats Councillor Lynne Stagg caused a stink by taking a bag of it into the Guildhall last week.

Lynne and fellow Baffins councillor Darren Sanders have both been roundly ridiculed for the stunt in the local media and by local Conservatives.

Tories Slam Dog Poo Councillor.

Former Lord Mayor, Cllr Lynne Stagg has come under fire for disrespecting the Council Chamber at Portsmouth Guildhall, where major meetings are held.

At a meeting last week, plans to review another contract signed by the previous administration were given the go ahead.

The contract with 3GS was to give them powers to issue spot fines to members of the public for dropping litter and also to dog owners who do not clear up any mess, similar to a scheme recently started in Havant.

Lib Dem Councillor for Baffins Ward, Lynne Stagg made a deputation at the meeting to argue that the contact should go ahead, and to highlight her point she brought in a bag containing dog faeces which she held up for all to see and smell.

Cabinet Member for Environment & Community Safety, Cllr Robert New said - "Figures show that less than 1% of fines are handed out for failing to clear up dog mess. This was a rather childish stunt by Cllr Stagg."

"The aim of the scheme is an objective I share, but, like so many contracts awarded by the previous administration, the potential cost to taxpayers was ridiculous."

The annual bill for engaging the services of 3GS could be in the region of hundreds of thousands of pounds and possibly over one million if we had to employ legal specialists too to deal with unpaid fines.

Cllr New added, "Havant Council are operating an almost identical pilot scheme yet the cost is expected to be a fraction of what was being proposed for Portsmouth. We can watch and learn from the pilot scheme at Havant at zero cost to the taxpayer and then review this again at the appropriate time.

"Like our decision to operate public toilets in a different way, this is another example of delivering the same or better services to the public, but at a lower cost."

Uproar as Lib Dem Councillor Takes Dog Poo Into Guildhall.

THIS is a picture that will bring shame to the Liberal Democrats up and down the land.

It's of Baffins Ward Councillor Lynne Stagg sensationally taking bags of dog poo into the Guildhall in Portsmouth prior to a Cabinet Meeting.

The same Lynne Stagg caught parking on double yellow lines and the same Lynne Stagg, who, as Mayor banned people from tweeting inside the building.

The public relations stunt has since backfired in the local media.

Portfolio Holder Robert New told TBG - "Those two are disgraceful. They looked very silly yesterday.

"Just went to show how little they know about Gerald Vernon Jackson hatchet job. What's worse is that Gerald Vernon Jackson sat back as puppet master and let them spout off [sic]."

Labour's John Ferrett said - "Are we sure these are not 'gift bags' handed out to guests at Cllr Fuller's parties?"

EXCLUSIVE: Conservatives #RoadTrip2015 Sets Its Sights on Mike Hancock and Portsmouth South.

Gerald Vernon Jackson Tries to Resurrect Career by Literally Talking 'Crap'.

IT'S had the people of Portsmouth in stitches for days.

Former leader of Portsmouth City Council Gerald Vernon Jackson is trying to resurrect his political career by literally talking "crap".

Yes, after leaving so much mess behind and open talk of a cover-up on top and after a decade in charge all the Lib Dems can come up with now is opposition to the Conservatives dropping his old plans for street patrol enforcement on what GVJ calls "dog mess".

Trouble is though, according to Portfolio member and Cllr Robert New its really Gerald getting in a mess.

The same patrols have been running in Havant since May and latest figures show that whilst eight people have been caught for rubbish littering not a single person has been fined for not cleaning up after their dog as the vast majority have been for people dropping cigarette butts instead.

This has prompted Robert and Leader Donna Jones to bin Gerald's Big Idea as even in Havant, "its already clogging up the courts".

Better luck next time Gerald.

[VIDEO] Tory #RoadTrip2015 in Great Yarmouth.

'Conservatives Continue to be The Party of Business.'

As a small business owner, I am absolutely delighted that the Conservative Party continues to be the party of business in order to create jobs and secure the Long Term Economic Plan.

Since 2010, facts show that 18,000 start up loans have been approved, 400,000 more businesses have started and two million private sector jobs created.

Yet unlike the Labour years that saw high taxes and endless regulation, I believe this can only continue under a Conservative led government after the next General Election.

A Conservative led Government committed to seeing out the Long Term Economic Plan.

A Conservative led Government committed to a Small Business Bill.

And above all, a Conservative led Government continuously committed to cutting red tape and bureaucracy for all.

Even More Illegal Lib Dem Parking.

AFTER MP Mike Hancock's shoddy parking in a Doctor's Bay and his campaign manager Cllr Andrewes illegal parking comes another Lib Dem from Portsmouth flouting road regulations, TBG can reveal.

The above picture shows Lynne Stagg's car, she is a Lib Dem councillor and until recently the Mayor of Portsmouth.

A local source said - "She is parking on double yellows and clearly has no regard for the law."

Liberal Democrats at War in Portsmouth.

HOT on the heels of the Liberal Democrats sensationally postponing the selection of local candidates for the 2015 Portsmouth City Council elections prior to a national review of the local group, TBG can reveal that, according to Political Scrapbook, former council leader Gerald Vernon Jackson is one of the men on the committee who will actually oversee the review.

Cllr Jackson was re-elected leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Portsmouth City Council just hours after announcing he was quitting as leader of the council after a decade in charge.

Whilst the word whitewash may spring to mind for some, TBG has learnt one piece of encouraging news this morning.

The freedom of information requests that were being blocked by the council when under Lib Dems control are no longer being so.

This encouraged one Lib Dem moderniser to tell TBG this morning - "Eleanor Scott is absolutely right."

"A clean up of Lib Dems needs to take place other wise they are doomed at the next council elections."

"Les Stevens, Gerald Vernon Jackson, Hugh Mason, and Michael Andrewes are all toast if they choose to stand."

EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dems Suspend Local Selection Process.

LIBERAL Democrats have sensationally postponed the selection of local candidates for the 2015 Portsmouth City Council elections, TBG can exclusively reveal.

A statement issued by Chairman Simon Dodd earlier said - "We are postponing the selection of local candidates - a new calling notice will be issued this week with details of the rescheduled selection meeting."

Earlier an Open Letter was published by Independent Councillor for Fratton, Eleanor Scott, who is due up for election in 2015. TBG can exclusively reveal that it read as follows:

"Dear All

For the avoidance of doubt, I am objecting that the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats are pressing ahead with the selection for Fratton this week, ahead of the outcome of the review into the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats that has been commissioned by Tim Farron with the knowledge and support of Nick Clegg (both have written to me personally), and whilst a number of complaints and concerns of mine are still being assessed by Mike Wheatley. The review and the assessment of complaints inevitably concern Portsmouth Liberal Democrats who are scheduled to be part of the approval and selection process, and I believe that it is unfair and inequitable to proceed in these circumstances, given that I am the one who happens to be the 'sitting councillor' up for re-election in May.

You say you want to press on because the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats did not run a candidate in May against Mike Hancock. It was not my decision not to run a Liberal Democrat candidate in Fratton in May. As you are aware I strongly objected to this and indeed it is the subject of one of my complaints.

Furthermore, the approval process carries a clear presumption that I am signing my name to rejoining the Group. I cannot, on principle and in conscience, agree to consider rejoining the Group until all the troubling matters which are plaguing the Portsmouth Liberal Democrats are reviewed and properly resolved through principled and decisive action. In my personal opinion, and in my personal experience, there is still some very poor behaviour going on and some very poor judgement being exercised. I am therefore, according to your own rules, unable to present myself for approval this week.

I made a decision on the 25th January this year and I stand by it.

This is an open letter so please feel free to forward on to anyone else whom you feel should have sight of it.

Kind regards,

Despite this, Portsmouth Lib Dems insist the postponement is due to "overwhelming interest" and is "not linked to the group being investigated."

Yeah right.

Tory Heavyweights Call on Hancock to go.

TWO Tory Heavyweights yesterday called for the immediate resignation of Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock.

Prime Minister David Cameron told BBC Radio Solent yesterday afternoon - "It’s not for me to say when people should resign and should do this and should do the other, but I think Portsmouth deserves good representation in parliament.

"I know that Flick Drummond is ready to stand forward whenever he stands down, whether that’s now or at the election."

And speaking at a event organised by Fareham and Southampton Conservatives Home Secretary Theresa May said - "It’s a terrible case. What I want to see is people of Portsmouth represented by a good hard-working MP – Flick Drummond. It’s a pretty awful case. It’s up to him whether he resigns."

Tick tock...

Another Key Labour Figure Set to Stand Down.

This time it's former Education Secretary and Home Secretary David Blunkett.

Mr. Blunkett has represented the safe Labour seat of Sheffield Brightside since June 1987.

He said the Labour leadership needed "new faces" but warned that if Ed Miliband did not win next May's General Election the party "could be in opposition for 15 years."

Ed Miliband paid tribute to David Blunkett by calling him "an amazing asset" to the Labour Party.

Clegg Piles Pressure on Hancock After Admission & Apology.

Nick Clegg last night vowed to make sure that Mike Hancock is kicked out of the Liberal Democrats once and for all.

After earlier calling upon Hancock to "resign" from the party on LBC by saying that his apology "makes it clear the way he behaved was totally out of order", the Liberal Democrats Leader upped the anti on last nights edition of BBC South Today.

Despite Clegg's comments however Liberal Democrats HQ are adamant that Hancock is still just "suspended".

A statement said - "The party leader is not involved in the disciplinary process."

With confidence in the party in Portsmouth plummeting it also emerged yesterday that Gerald Vernon Jackson (GVJ) will also apologise for his comments about the victim "being in it for the money."

GVJ told BBC Radio Solent "I got it wrong" and "I believed the assurances I was given", before also giving a hint that he was having second thoughts on applying to be PPC for Portsmouth South himself yet rebuffing calls for his resignation too.

This followed earlier pressure from Cllr Eleanor Scott who said Hancock should "have his membership revoked" and called for a "change of leadership" in the party on Portsmouth City Council after what she called "collective denial and poor decision making."

Two more figures are after Hancock’s head today.

UKIP Group Leader on Portsmouth City Council, Colin Galloway, said Hancock’s resignation would be a "logical course of action" whilst former Portsmouth North MP (1997-2005) Syd Rapson said in an open letter that Hancock had "damaged the reputation of the city".

The latest from Portsmouth is that in a quite unprecedented move its emerged today that the Portsmouth North Conservative MP, Penny Mordaunt, has drafted in the Portsmouth South Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Flick Drummond, to ease her workload.

Following the debacle of Mike Hancock which has been running here on TBG for ages Penny has had a 15% increase in work activity just because voters in the south of the city refuse to do business with him because of his conduct.

In an exclusive interview, Ms Mordaunt told TBG's roving reporter this morning - "The workload may well intensify if Mike doesn't choose to stand down. However, Flick Drummond and I are prepared for that. People have already been in touch with Flick about what she can do to help them."

Penny is now backing plans for a recall bill to sack their MP outside of elections should they do something wrong.

Tory PPC Flick Drummond also told TBG - "Its really important we work together. There are people who don't want to see someone who has been behaving unprofessionally to somebody else."

"We need to make sure people are properly represented and there is somewhere they can go for help. The sooner this situation is sorted the better."

Pressure Mounts on Hancock to Resign Portsmouth South Seat.

PRESSURE is today mounting on Mike Hancock to resign as MP for Portsmouth South.

TBG has spoken to a number of leading figures and all want him out.

Even Gerald Vernon Jackson says he has made a mistake for defending him.

Council Leader Donna Jones told TBG - "I am absolutely disgusted with Mike Hancck in that he has allowed this vulnerable woman to suffer. She has been called a liar and all names under the sun. He should absolutely be ashamed of himself and resign as an MP."

Portsmouth South PPC Flick Drummond said - "Mr. Hancock admits his behaviour throughout has been unprofessional and in view of that I call on him to resign immediately."

Labour Group Leader John Ferrett said - "Without question he should resign as an MP immediately because his position has become untenable."

And Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt said that, "serious questions still remain over Portsmouth City Council's actions over Mr. Hancock's conduct."

Mike Hancock MP Admits 'Inappropriate' Relationship With Mentally Ill Constituent.

MIKE Hancock has today admitted an "inappropriate and unprofessional" relationship with a mentally ill constituent, apologising to her for "any distress, anger and worsening of your psychiatric condition".

Hancock admitted the abuse to avoid court and comes as TBG put out a by-election alert last night for the constituency of Portsmouth South, which the Tory flagship campaign machine 'Road Trip 2015' will be visiting July 12th.

The complainants solicitor is thought to have told Sky News that Mike Hancock is not fit to be an MP and the Lib Dem leadership is complicit in any abuse that's taken place. A devastating press release by the complainants solicitor can be found on Political Scrapbook.

Sources say Mike Hancock is expected to be expelled from the Lib Dems "swiftly".

Hancock's apology to the alleged victim states: "In October 2009 you first came to me as a constituent to seek my assistance as your MP and councillor. Subsequently and over several months I came to your home on several occasions, sometimes unannounced and conducted a friendship with you that was inappropriate and unprofessional.

"I understand that you felt degraded. I did not treat you with sufficient respect. I made you feel deeply uncomfortable and discriminated against, and I crossed the line...

"I can only apologise unreservedly to you for any distress, anger and worsening of your psychiatric condition that I caused.

"I accept that you did not bring the claim for financial gain and any statements make to the contrary were wrong. I also acknowledge that you have fought for many years to hold me to account, and that this should been resolved far sooner. I my self would have wished for it to be resolved far earlier and I am sorry that it wasn't."

[UPDATE] - "Clamouring" calls, including Tory Council Leader in Portsmouth Donna Jones, for Mike Hancock MP to resign.

Hancock MP D-Day in Portsmouth South Again as Out-of-Court Sex Case Settlement Expected.

IT'S D-DAY in Portsmouth-South again for MP Mike Hancock. TBG and the world should find out later the result of the High Court case taken out against him if the statement by the solicitor representing the vulnerable alleged victim is anything to go by.

After that TBG understands that the Liberal Democrats at both national and local level will decide whether or not to either re-admit or expel Hancock from the party of which he is currently suspended.

In a new twist this morning, it emerged that his wife, who lost her seat on Portsmouth Council last month yet was caught using the underground car park at the civic offices reserved for members and employees to see her son in court last week, wants to re-stand for the Lib Dems next year.

Portsmouth Conservatives are playing down talk of a by-election. But TBG understands the Party are now targeting Portsmouth-South and "are expecting Hancock to stand as an Independent against a new Lib Dem candidate".

One source told TBG last night that even if Gerald Vernon Jackson stands in 2015 they also expect Mike Hancock to "in order to get a parachute pay package" for defeated MPs.

EXCLUSIVE: By-Election Alert as Road Trip 2015 Set For Portsmouth-South.

TBG can this evening exclusively reveal that #RoadTrip2015, the Conservative Party's flagship campaign strategy, is to sail into Portsmouth-South on July 12th.

The seat has become a target for the Conservatives recently after they took control of the council last month on a night that also saw part of the Lib Dems vote collapse and local MP Mike Hancock and his wife lose their seats.

Hancock has won the Parliamentary Seat for the Liberal Democrats the last four times it has been contested in 1997, 2001, 2005 and 2010 but despite also winning a by-election for the SDP Liberal Allianace in 1984, Tory David Martin won by just over 200 votes twice in the General Elections in 1987 and 1992.

Ironically, the Road Trip comes just days before the Lib Dems formally advertise their vacancy for a PPC to replace Hancock with former Council Leader Gerald Vernon Jackson set to be the front runner.

Sitting MP Mike Hancock has been in a legal battle over sexual harassment allegations for some-time now and is reported to be about to settle out of court. May he be about to resign his seat too?

UKIP are certainly excited tonight according to sources, with National Party Chairman Stephen Crowther "set to release a statement shortly" on the seat, which TBG has speculated Nigel Farage is most interested in.

A Tory source told TBG tonight - "If there is a by-election anytime soon we will have hundreds of boots on the ground."

When it Comes to Zero-Hours Contracts Labour Lead The Way.


Some very interesting statistics as regards zero hours contracts came to TBG's attention today.

It's emerged that no less than 62 Labour MPs used them in 2013 according to figures released by IPSA.

This is despite Leader Ed Miliband pledging to tackle what he called a zero-hours contracts "epidemic" on April 25th this year.

Glenda Jackson leads the way with no less than 13 staff on the deals. Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls employs four workers on zero-hours contracts and even Peter Hain employs two.

Tonight Labour were forced into issuing a statement which reads: "Labour's policy is to tackle 'exploitative' use of zero-hours contracts".

Dover and Deal MP Charlie Elphicke told TBG - "It beggars belief that Labour campaign against internships and zero hours contracts one minute and then use them extensively the next."

'British Social Attitudes Survey Sends Clear Signal'.

The news that the latest British Social Attitudes survey shows that the vast majority of people think that EU migrants should have to wait three years before being able to claim benefits is most encouraging.

It sends a clear signal to the government as regards future policy after the next election.

The fact of the matter is that the benefits system in Britain needs to be seen as a safety net for all but not a free-for-all.

What we saw under the last Labour Government between 1997 and 2010 completely underlines this.

Under Labour millions of migrants came into Britain taking unskilled jobs that should readily have been available to our own citizens and millions more came here just to milk our benefits system.

We need checks put in place so as not only are all foreign nationals banned from claiming benefits until they have paid into our system for three years from the point of entry into Britain but also so that they are refused work permits unless they can prove that they are going to be making a net contribution to the British economy as a whole.

In addition, British people should be given preference for non-skilled work in future too and I believe that this whole issue should also be at the heart of any future re-negotiation of our position in or out of the EU.

London Conservative Future Conference a Massive Success.

Gavin Barwell MP lectures CF'ers

OVER 175 guests turned up from all over the UK for London Conservative Future's (CF) free conference this past weekend which has been regarded as a huge success for the organisation, TBG can reveal.

Talks from Gavin Barwell MP, Justine Greening MP, TBG favourite & mighty political expert Peter Botting invigorated Tory thought during the conference, which included a Skype call from Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps.

The event hashtag #LndCF was trending all day in London on Twitter. The conference concluded with a high-end champagne reception and watching England lose 2-1 to Italy in their World Cup opener.

Some CF'ers even bumped into top celebrities including Bill Nighy (left), who posed for selfies with young Conservatives. One CF'er said it was the "Best day ever" after being snapped with the actor.

'Arrogant Hancock'.

Just how arrogant can the Hancock family in Portsmouth get?

All in the very same week we saw no less than three examples of the incompetent, breathtaking arrogance and ignorance they stand for.

Time after time Mike Hancock has vigorously denied all of the allegations thrown at him by a vulnerable constituent yet now we are told that there may be an apology.

Last week at Portsmouth Magistrates we saw son Dean Hancock try to get off assaulting a member of the press even though his actions were clearly visible on camera and to the naked eye.

And on the same day last week, despite being no longer a councillor or employee of Portsmouth City Council, Jacqui Hancock was witnessed using the underground car park at the civic offices that is reserved for city council members and employees to attend her son's trial.

No wonder the people of Portsmouth have had enough of the Hancock's.

To put it nicely, they are not a very good bunch!

Bizarre Scenes at Hancock Jnr Trial.

THERE were bizarre scenes at the trial of Dean Hancock at Portsmouth Magistrates Court this morning when the son of Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock tried to get Les Cummings ejected from the public gallery, TBG can reveal.

Whilst denying a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm against Daily Express snapper Steve Reigate, Hancock Jnr alleged that Cummings was breaching bail conditions to stay away from the Hancock family but after a ten minute break it was agreed that because the Portsmouth South MP himself was not present, Mr Cummings was not in breach of the conditions and was allowed to stay.

Les Cummings received an apology this past week from new Tory Council Leader Donna Jones over his treatment by the last administration over abuse he says he suffered under Portsmouth City Council's care.


Dean Hancock has been found guilty of the assault of Daily Express snapper Steve Reigate at Portsmouth Magistrates Court.

The court rejected pipe fitter Dean's claims that he was acting in self-defence finding him guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and criminal damage to Mr Reigate's camera which was valued at almost £2,000.

Hundreds of Jobs at Risk as Regeneration in Crawley Halted.

IN a typical socialist move, Crawley Borough Council, which tonight officially comes under Labour control, has scrapped plans to re-generate a part of the town centre.

The move could cost hundreds of jobs and even drive business elsewhere the Labour Council scrapped plans for a thoroughfare that would link one side of the town centre with the other.

Councillor and Tory Group Leader Duncan Crow exclusively told TBG - "It is disappointing that Labour have thrown in the towel and apparently lack any aspiration for Crawley town centre.

"We believe Crawley is a major sub-regional centre between London and Brighton and should have a town centre befitting of this status. Labour's town centre 'strategy' appears to revolve around having a handful of market stalls in Queens Square."

UKIP Links With Far-Right Racists.

UKIP Crawley Chairman LIKES Britain First

SERIOUS concerns are being raised by Conservatives up and down the country as UKIP chairmen and candidates entertain social networking posts by the vile & racist Britain First, TBG can reveal.

The Britain First organisation like to play on people's heart strings with positive posts about the UK armed forces. They also enjoy simple slogans denigrating Islam and other cultural differences that exist within the UK.

Crawley UKIP Chairman and UKIP candidates fielded in May have 'liked' & shared links by Britain First on social media, aiding the spread of hatred intended by the Britain First clan, in leaked posts seen by TBG.

Any other UKIP rep's liking the sewage spat out by Britain First are encouraged to email -

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Hancock MP Sexual Harassment Trial Called Off.

There are calls for a fresh police investigation into allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment against the Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock after it emerged that a civil case that was due to begin next Monday has been called off at the last minute because of legal negotiations which, TBG sources say, could lead to an apology.

Calls are also growing for Hancock to also resign his Portsmouth South Parliamentary Seat that he has held since beating David Martin in 1997.

Such a move would trigger a July by-election where UKIP would almost certainly be front runners along with Conservative candidate Flick Drummond and possibly former council leader Gerald Vernon Jackson.

Currently, Douglas Denny is the UKIP candidate for the seat but TBG has heard that if a by election is called would almost certainly NOT be the candidate.

TBG understands that if a by election does take place Nigel Farage could well stand himself.

TBG was first to report Hancock losing his seat on Portsmouth City Council last month.

The alleged victim's lawyer Harriet Wistrich of Birnberg Peirce and Partners have tonight issued this statement to TBG - "The parties have been in negotiations and have agreed to vacate the trial date. We hope to provide a press statement regarding the outcome on or before Wednesday 18th June next week."

Conservative Future Better Than Ever.

Conservative Future (CF) Activist & Tory Cllr Stephen Canning

Hot on the heels of success in the Newark By-Election and in a week that his seen the civil war in UKIP's youth wing, Young Independence, take a turn for the worse, a leading CF'er has today spoken to TBG.

In an exclusive short interview, Braintree councillor and East of England Area Chairman Stephen Canning says - "I'm glad that our own youth wing has never been healthier."

"Conservative Future members are working together and fantastic events are happening across the country - from CF conferences in York and London, to summer balls in Cambridge, huge campaign days right across the country and CF'ers taking seats nationwide in the latest council elections."

On a day that saw record falls in unemployment and huge boosts for the economy even a Conservative majority once again pushed ahead of a Labour majority in the YouGov preferred General Election 2015 outcome tracker.

Tories Get Tough on Poor Hygiene.

Councillor closes eatery

He's only been in power for a week yet new Conservative Cabinet Member for Environment and Community Safety on Portsmouth City Council, Robert New, has already sprung deep into action.

Yesterday Robert told TBG - "I've just closed down my first restaurant today. It's extremely sad but necessary."

"I won't allow takeaways with exceptionally poor hygiene and rodent infestations to operate across this city, putting Public health at risk."

"I'm tough but fair."

"I want to support small businesses with business management help from the Council and officers, but I won't allow public health to be put at risk in the name of allowing small business to operate in unacceptable conditions, inspite of numerous notices to improve."

The move followed endless complaints about The New Fir Tree on Eastney Road in Southsea.

One complainant told Yelp - "When I moved into my old house my dad and myself ordered takeaway from here! It was terrible, so bad that my dad couldn't eat it (which is saying something as he hates waste)."

"The curry sauce had a horrible aftertaste, and the food was very greasy."

Another told Yelp - "Me and some friends had some food from this place recently, and were to put it lightly less than impressed."

"The sweet and sour chicken balls were alright-ish - but the balls themselves had strange yellow-coloured stuff in the middle around the chicken and the sweet and sour sauce had quite obviously been watered down and then recoloured with red food colouring, which frankly is an absolute joke."

"The egg fried rice was a bright yellow colour and the chicken and sweetcorn soup that my girlfriend had was watery, an opaque white colour and contained little in the way of chicken or sweetcorn. The spring rolls are worth a mention for their utter appallingness - simply a massive bit of pastry-like-whatever surrounding a mass of plain, unseasoned bean sprouts and about three prawns in each [sic]."

"The pastry had more flavour than the inside, and even that was totally unappetising. Can't honestly see myself ordering from this place again."

[VIDEO] Tory RoadTrip2015 Goes to The Beach.

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Youth National Council in Plot Against Its Leader.

LEAKED: More YI leaks show its Leader dismissing revelations whilst trying to eliminate them

MORE grumblings from inside Young Independence (YI), the youth-wing of UKIP, over their Chairman's reign have landed in TBG's inbox from members claiming that promises of funding have "fallen through". Other accusations include the YI Leader is taking all the lime light and using his Deputy* "bodyguards" at NUS conference.

YI Leader & Chairman Jack Duffin seemed to realise within an hour of each leaked post that his very own YI Council is plotting against him just a couple of months into his tenure, TBG can reveal.

Revelations hit the headlines on this website a couple of weeks ago and caused a furore after the YI Leader slammed his predecessors and apologised for YI being "stagnated" for the past two years.

Since then a ground swell seems to be gathering pace against YI Leader Duffin and his leadership with sources commenting, "YI is doomed unless the membership do something and fast." This kind of talk from council & regular members has allegedly led to the YI Leader & Deputy using unkind tactics to keep a "stranglehold" on the YI Council.

An anonymous YI Council member sensationally told TBG - "As someone inside #campduffin, I'll say this - he is a complete dictator. He demands that all interviews are run by himself and Thomas Hoof (Deputy Chairman) so they can take the best for their selves and leave nothing for others. Duffin wasn't even wanted by sky news but he forced his way in [sic]."

Another YI source said - "The promises of money appear to have fallen through, no money has been given to YI by anyone. Jack reckons this is because of him being London regional officer for the elections (which he was also paid for!), but in reality it is because these payments were promised by the likes of Hamilton.

"The #getjackout campaign cannot start soon enough. If Duffin stands again, see promises for more money yet no delivery"
- the source concluded.


'Action Has Finally Been Taken to Tackle Extremism.'

I find it truly astonishing that the Labour Party are yet again trying to attack our magnificent Home Secretary, Theresa May.

I met Theresa when she visited Portsmouth during the 2010 General Election Campaign and you will not come across a nicer and kinder lady.

It is clear for all to see that Britain has a problem with extremism in some schools.

Under the last government, for thirteen long years, Labour failed to ban hate preachers.

Under the Conservatives action has finally been taken to tackle extremism.

This is proven not just by the action taken in Birmingham but also by Abu Qatada's deportation some time ago too.

So let's be crystal clear that the Conservatives should take no lectures from Labour let alone their pathetic bandwagon jumping and ambitious Shadow Home Secretary and wife of Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper because like most other problems Britain still faces, it was created under Labour.

Labour in Spy Row Over RoadTrip2015.

There's a rumour doing the rounds that the Leader of Grant Shapps Road Trip 2015, Mark Clarke, has been spied on by Labour.

Rumour has it that Labour are deeply concerned after the Tory ground-war success in Newark.

And with 100+ supporters now registered for the Great Yarmouth Trip TBG can also reveal that when Labour held their own target work in the Norfolk seaside town on Saturday only twenty people eventually turned up and originally there was just eight.

The news comes on the day that spread bookmakers say that they still believe, albeit based on weight of money, that Labour will win the most seats at the General Election next year but not enough to form an outright majority.

Mark Clarke fell short of being elected himself in 2010, losing to Labour's Sadiq Khan.

The news also comes on the same day that part of Labour's economic plan was leaked to the Mail on Sunday and CF'rs including East of England Chair Stephen Canning went to the seaside in Clacton.

#Tories #Winning: Activists Experience Campaign High.

CONSERVATIVE PARTY activists seem to have started a wave of thankfulness toward one and other & Party officials after romping home to victory in the Newark by-election sweeping up 45% of the vote, with UKIP trailing a distant 2nd place with 25%, TBG can reveal.

Using the hashtags #Winning and #Tories on Twitter activists look as if they are pushing a wave of good PR the Conservatives have been enjoying in the past week much thanks to the grassroots #RoadTrip2015 initiative.

Over 1000 activists turned up to Newark on polling day yesterday to secure victory for the Conservatives in an unprecedented campaign push.

'The UKIP Bubble Has Well And Truly Burst'.

What the result of the Newark By-Election shows is that at long last the UKIP bubble has well and truly burst.

It shows that when it comes to a Parliamentary Election, as opposed to a European Election, UKIP's policies are a failure and their party is a one issue and one man band.

Robert Jenrick is an absolute trooper who has worked the seat like a true professional and deserved victory for such a fantastic campaigning effort.

Roger Helmer is a right wing radical who's belief's are out of touch.

People want a party that is committed to falling unemployment, a stable economy, low interest rates, and that backs people who work hard and want to move forward in life as opposed to one that remains committed to the same of failure of tax and spend that left us in such a mess in 2010 yet has learnt none of its lessons since.

It also shows that David Cameron is on course for his own mandate in 2015 too.

Conservatives Hold Newark.

After one of the most successful campaigns run by a governing party in recent years, Robert Jenrick this morning became the new Conservative MP for the East Midlands market town of Newark in Nottinghamshire.

In a seat where they need to win and did win in 1997, Labour finished a very poor third:

1. Conservatives 17431
2. UKIP 10028
3. Labour 6842
4. Independent 1891
5. Greens 1057
6. Lib Dems 1004

Mr Jenrick told TBG - "The eyes of the nation are on Newark. My supporters have been at the heart of my campaign."

"We have fought a campaign on the issues that matter."

"The people of Newark have backed this Government's Long Term Economic Plan."

"Labour and Ed Miliband have no answers to the challenges Britain faces."

Farage's Been a Naughty Boy?

UKIP Leader and married man Nigel Farage has today rubbished claims he had a late-night liaison with a woman in Malta on the eve of a crucial by-election.

The above photograph seems to show Farage holding hands with tourism executive Ande Soteri as he entered a hotel in Malta at 3.42am after reportedly partying together.

This morning though, UKIP's Press Office told TBG the claims in today's Daily Mirror are "absolutely ridiculous" and "disgusting mischief-making".

UKIP claim Ms Soteri is disabled and Nigel was simply supporting her as she walked.

UKIP's statement to TBG says - "Ande Soteri is disabled. She has a stick and Nigel had to help her walk the 50 yards from the bar to the hotel. UKIP have never heard anything so ridiculous. This is ludicrous and abhorrent mischief making ahead of the crucial Newark by-election."

TBG understands that Farage was a speaker at a tourism conference at the five-star Hilton Hotel in the capital Valletta.

UKIP claim that after a Gala Dinner on Tuesday evening Farage joined delegates for drinks at various bars before walking Ms Soteri back to her hotel.

Portsmouth's Finest at Her Best.

TBG's favourite MP Penny Mordaunt has had a busy week.

Yesterday the Portsmouth North MP became only the second woman to propose the loyal address in Queen Elizabeth II's reign and it was a cracker.

Speaking of her pleasure that more women were serving in the armed forces and might in future be allowed to fight on the frontline, Ms Mordaunt sensationally told an anecdote about her own naval training on how to care for your penis and testicles in the field.

The organisers clearly did not anticipate that some of the people due to attend had been issued with the incorrect kit.

Outside of the Commons Ms Mordaunt is best known for taking part in ITV's diving contest, Splash! and at the same time raising lots of money for the Hilsea Lido in her constituency.

Penny is with the Sea Lords
After the address Prime Minister David Cameron called Ms Mordaunt a "real parliamentary star."

Just 24 hours earlier Penny took the strain by raising even more money for charity, this time to help Macmillan Cancer Support, in a charity Westminster tug of war.

Ms Mordaunt's hectic week continued this morning at this D Day event in Southsea.

#RoadTrip2015 Saves Shapps' Bacon.

THE SUCCESS of the Tory #Roadtrip2015 initiative by grassroots activists seems to have saved Grant Shapps from the boot as Chairman of the Conservative Party, TBG can reveal.

Reports on Breitbart London claim Shapps was sensationally on the verge of getting sacked when his Team2015 idea didn't make any real impact upon its implementation.

Cometh RoadTrip2015 which saw 600 Tory activists descend on Newark and pound the streets for the Party and PPC Robert Jenrick. This was off the back of poor Local and European election results but the Tories seem to be bouncing.

The RoadTrip2015 initiative is designed to bus Tory activists from all over the UK to key seats in their droves and it works. Hundreds of activists have attended trips to Enfield, Chester & Cheadle, Cannock, Harlow and Newark in just 2 months.

Tories Launch Dawn Raid in Newark.

If you thought Road Trip 2015 was good then wait until you see what Newark GOTV has in store.

At 5.00am this morning dawn raids invaded the door mats of thousands of residents throughout the Parliamentary seat of Newark.

It's understood that Tory candidate Rob Jenrick has a D Day army like no other with over 1000 activists on the streets.

One troop, South East Regional Chairman Jim Fleming last night told TBG - "I'm just doing my bit."

"As soon as I found out all about the views of Roger Helmer my mind told me I had to come up here to make sure someone with such views should never get into Parliament."

Another leading Tory, Charles Heslop is also due to land at Newark Northgate at 9.30 on the 8.05 service from London Kings Cross.

The team also includes top activists Theodora Dickinson, Fraser McFarland, Mark Clarke and Conservative Future National Chairman Oliver Cooper.

With devoting supporters like these people TBG would be very surprised at anything other than a Conservative Hold come the early hours of tomorrow morning.