Would the Real Roger Helmer Please Stand Up.

Douglas Denny can now eat his heart out.

UKIP's candidate for the Newark by-election is said to have skeletons galore to his name and over the next few weeks tbg will be getting to work exposing the weird and wacky world of Roger Helmer.

And just for starters, among the views from his chequered past Helmer has said:

  • Date rape victims "shared some of the responsibility" and supports the death penalty
  • Has compared Gay Marriage to "incest" to which Nigel Farage admitted that Helmer had gone "too far"
  • Just like our old friend Douglas Denny, has called the rest of the gay community "abnormal"
  • And has even suggested that psychologists should try to make gay people "straight"

Stomach churning might just be an under-statement.