We Need to Start Renegotiating Our Membership of The EU Now.

The figures on the amounts of benefits being paid out to people not living in Britain are an absolute disgrace and simply underline even more failings within the EU.

The fact of the matter is that we need to start re-negotiating our membership of the EU now rather than wait until after the General Election while the going is good thanks to the euro-sceptic message given at the European Elections right across Europe.

David Cameron should be working with the French as well as Britain's other EU counterparts now so as to hammer the message home that nobody should be able to benefit from our own welfare system here in Britain unless they have paid into it for at least two years.

I believe that even when it comes to people coming to work in Britain we need to put minimum safeguards in place so as to make sure that anyone who comes to Britain to work is making a net contribution to the British economy rather than being a burden on it.