UKIP Youth Leader Slams Predecessors And Aims to 'Repair' & Lift Youth Wing From 'Stagnation' as YI Turns Ugly.

YOUNG INDEPENDENCE (YI) Leader Jack Duffin has publicly slammed past hard-working voluntary Leaders of UKIP's youth wing, Harry Alridge and Rob Comley, saying the organisation has been "stagnated" and its image needs "repairing", TBG can sensationally reveal.

The revelations come after a dodgy election race between hand-picked Duffin and new UKIP Councillor Chris Wood, where Duffin was offered cash payments for his services by UKIP National Executive Council member & disgraced former Tory MP Neil Hamilton.

YI have seemed like a sensible (even quite normal) bunch in the past. They got behind sacked Leader Olly Neville when he spoke out in-favour of gay marriage, something senior UKIP representatives did not like so Neville was disposed of post-haste. Maybe paid Party worker Duffin now wants the YI image to become equally as ugly as the seniors'.

Many influential and welcoming Libertarian YI voluntary members have deserted UKIP since Duffin's election including activists Sanya Jeet, Alexandra Swann and Laura Mcavoy.

A YI source told TBG - "I can't possibly see how it's 'stagnated'. Harry done a lot of a work building up YI, and setting the foundations. Rob Comley came in and increased the membership by nearly 200%. He also set up a regional branch in every region of the country and organised the first ever YI conference."

YI Leader Jack Duffin has also recently jumped on a member for having an interview without his knowledge:

It looks as if YI is not only going to become ugly but the entire UK Independence Party is now being ruled with an iron fist.

In one respect, slowly but surely, every corner of UKIP is becoming like every other political party, stage managed.