UKIP Welcome Its New Parliamentary Candidate With 'Indigenous' White Supremacy Mantra.

TBG's stomach is churning

UKIP have today sensationally selected Roger Helmer to fight the Newark By Election. The Newark UKIP Twitter account welcomed their new candidate saying - "Our new indigenous white candidate is ready to rock and roll" - which may make the mentally incapacitated among us snigger.

Helmer is currently UKIP's Energy spokesperson but has chequered history.

He defected to the party after being originally elected as a Euro MP to represent the Conservatives in the East Midlands.

In 2005 Helmer also played a key role alongside Chris Heaton-Harris in helping Karl McCartney put a huge dent in Gillian Merron's Labour majority in Lincoln.

McCartney went on to beat Merron by a "1,000 and a bit votes" in 2010.

As TBG confirmed yesterday, Nigel Farage has bottled out of Newark to focus on the Portsmouth South seat instead where Mike Hancock faces a civil law suit at the end of next month.

Robert Jenrick will be representing the Conservatives in Newark and Michael Payne is standing for Labour.