UKIP Launch Attack On Young Activist & 'Labour Party Plant' Sanya Jeet.

UKIP have sensationally retaliated against claims from UKIP's Youth Wing Star Sanya Jeet after she said the party encouraged 'populist racism' yesterday in the Guardian, TBG can reveal.

In an unprecedented move by any mainstream political party in an attempt to discredit a young activist an article has been posted on UKIP.org.

The article posts a video of Sanya discussing UKIP Immigration policy on Ch4 News along with UKIP Director of Communications Patrick O’Flynn saying - "It is perplexing that Sanya could give such a whole-hearted endorsement of the party’s immigration policy one week and then accuse it of pandering to racism the next.

"Throwing the term 'racism' into the mix so soon after explaining UKIP’s non-racist policy is extremely unfair on UKIP members and supporters and in my view a pretty shabby thing to have done."

In seeming attempts to dig up dirt on the young female British ethnic minority activist, TBG analytics also show searches made for Sanya Jeet on Google with the term 'Sanya Jeet Labour Party Plant'. Obviously their ranks have been shaken by revelations about TBG Tory Plant Geoffrey Brooking - which still continues to dominate the election in Portsmouth.