UKIP Candidate Forgets Which Seat He's Standing For in Crawley.

[Pic source: Crawley News]

A UKIP candidate in the running for next week's Crawley Council elections seems to have forgotten which ward he is actually assigned to according to local reports, TBG can reveal.

Steven Wade, UKIP candidate for Ifield in Crawley, responded to questions sent to him by local rag Crawley News, but the rag says he "seems to be confused about where he hopes to get elected".

Reports say that Wade said he had, "listened to the views of many residents across Pound Hill" and promised to make sure "your voices are heard independently and rise up above party politics for the good of Pound Hill South".

The embarrassing revelations led to a probably red-faced UKIP Crawley Chairman and candidate Lee Gilroy explaining to reporters at the local rag that - "Mr Wade's answers had become mixed up after he helped the actual Pound Hill South and Worth candidate, Emma Barton."

Chairman Gilroy confirmed - "Steven is definitely our Ifield candidate." Then went onto reveal candidates were basically sending the same answers to Crawley News.

"Emma was not sure what to write because she is a new candidate. Steven kindly offered to put together an example of what points to make. He clearly then got mixed up when sending over his own final answers" - said Gilroy.

Crawley News say - "The similarities between Mr Wade's and Ms Barton's answers are clear to see. Both claim they have 'seen many changes to the town' and will make sure residents' 'voices are heard independently and rise up above party politics' in exactly the same wording."