Tory MEP Blasts 'Corrupt' European Commission.

South East Top Tory MEP Dan Hannan was in tip-top form at a public meeting at Portsmouth University earlier today.

In a hugely impressive speech whilst launching the Conservatives South East European Elections Campaign Mr Hannan accused the European Commission of being "corrupt" and said that "nobody at the EU is learning the mistakes of tax and spend, the failed single currency, and centralisation."

Mr Hannan pointed the finger at the fact that the European Commission have no less than 28 un-elected commissioners saying that the commission was a "remote, undemocratic, corrupt self-serving racket."

Mr Hannan said that he wants to go further than David Cameron by having a "positive policy of not just getting reform at the EU but getting out of it too."

Calling for a "global Britain" Mr Hannan said that Britain needed to get out of EU directives and get down to business with countries like New Zealand and India with a Swiss style looser relationship with the rest of Europe.

Mr Hannan pointed out the differences in Conservative policies compared to Labour policies in Europe. Such as those on harmonisation, the budget, the bailouts and a referendum and said that there was a need for better democracy and accountability to the electorate to reward good behaviour and punish mistakes.