PM Constituency in Alleged Female Bullying Campaign Scandal.

BULLYING CLAIMS have rocked PM David Cameron's local Tory association in Witney with alleged internet stalking and public humiliation, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Top Tory activist and Founding Member of Conservatives Abroad Patrons Club, Nara Hodge, now appears to have been dramatically gagged by her association after suffering continuing abuse, with a troll Twitter account and in public for well over a year. Hodge has also made a plea to the Prime Minister to look into #WitneyBullies, a hashtag made-up by the alleged victim.

TBG has been following the action for over a year and Tweets from last June (2013) show Hodge's anger and hurt she was suffering, as well as leveling accusations toward a fellow senior association member:

TBG understands that complaints were made to the powers that be in David Cameron's constituency of Witney, however, it seems the complaints were not heard or dealt with.

A tweet yesterday shows Nara Hodge dumping the association due to lack of action and continuing abuse nearly a year after initial complaints were made:

Ironically, in what smells like fudge, Nara Hodge is now allegedly herself at the center of a Tory Party investigation due to her links with a local taxi driver who apparently regularly publicly attacks the Party. Hodge has categorically denied there is any such investigation to TBG.