PM Cameron Threatens to Quit Over EU Referendum.

The news that David Cameron has now gone on record as saying that he will not be Prime Minister after the next election unless an in or out Referendum on the EU in 2017 is on the agenda is not just what the doctor ordered but the olive branch that potential Ukip supporters and voters should grab with both hands.

Even Nigel Farage himself said in 2012 that if any of the major parties committed to such a pledge he would pact with them.

So my advice to Nigel and his fellow Kippers is that its time to put the national interest above your members and candidates vested interests and come back home.

David Cameron has cut the EU budget, ended UK backing for the bailouts and even used the veto.

Therefore, I can't think of a better politician to not just stand up for the national interest but also re-negotiate our terms with the EU once and for all.