Osborne Set to be Foreign Secretary & Boris Chancellor.

With David Cameron set to launch the Conservatives National European Election Campaign in London this morning and Dan Hannan set to launch the South East Campaign in Portsmouth this afternoon there's been intense speculation as to who will replace William Hague as Foreign Secretary when he retires from the front line in 2015.

TBG however can sensationally and exclusively reveal that Tory sources believe George Osborne is to take on the role.

The word is that Osborne wants to be "where all the action is" should the Conservatives win outright and there's no better place for that than being at the heart of Britain's re-negotiation of E.U. Terms.

TBG also understands that even though Phil Hammond and Theresa May will be in the frame for being the new Chancellor, we believe that David Cameron wants Boris Johnson as his right hand man.

Johnson was linked with the Newark by-election but with a candidate already in place its looking highly likely that Sir Peter Tapsell will after all be paving the way for Boris' return.