Mr Danczuk Should Eat Some Humble Pie.

So, according to Ed Miliband's now regular sceptic, Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, "the rise of Ukip is finally making politicians wake up to the fact that 75 per cent of people think immigration is too high."

Where has Mr Danczuk been for the last 20 years I ask?

Whenever somebody raised the issue of immigration in public like I did in various letters to the media under the last Labour Government they were either branded out of touch or even a racist.

Even when former Prime Minister Gordon Brown paid an official visit to Mr Danczuk's own constituency during the 2010 General Election and was confronted on the issue of immigration by one of Mr. Danczuk's constituents he was later overheard calling her a "bigoted woman."

So for Simon Danczuk of all people to come out with such nonsense stinks of hypocrisy.

He should go and join Tony Blair and eat some humble pie.