More UKIP Gains in Hampshire.

UKIP's Chris Wood won a seat on Fareham Council to go with the County Council seat he took last year.

He didn't quite get the 50% he won last year but it was a majority of over 400 and meant Lib Dem James Forrest lost his seat for the first time in 12 years.

Conservatives took comfort that it was the only seat UKIP won in Fareham on the night.

Despite only having a handful candidates UKIP won two seats in Havant too.

Havant UKIP PPC John Perry won Hayling East by 55 votes and Gary Kerrin took Stakes by 34 votes.

However, John Perry came in for lots of criticism for failing to field candidates in Barncroft and Warren Park where local turn out was low but Euro turn out was high and UKIP would almost certainly have won.

UKIP won a seat in Gosport too.

Patrick Bergin took the Rowner and Holbrook Ward by just three votes in the closest result of the night.