Senior Lib Dem Figure Pretends to be Outraged Resident in Party Election Leaflet.

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS’ Head of National Campaigns Steve Jolly has been sensationally pictured pretending to be an outraged Portsmouth resident in a Lib Dem election literature, TBG can reveal.

The leaflet is riddled with misleading information such as stating Mr Jolly lives on "Victoria Grove" where they say Tories have no plans to improve parking in the area. However, postal voting records seen by TBG show that Steve Jolly lives and votes in London.

It's understood Mr Jolly has been out and about quite a bit in Portsmouth, in particular has been spotted many times in the Eastney and Craneswater ward but not the St. Jude ward where Victoria Grove is located.

A local source told TBG - "While he has a local address, that a senior party figure has been spending so much campaigning time here suggests to me that the Lib Dems are desperate to claim the local elections are a mixed bag by making a couple of gains in Portsmouth to offset hundreds of losses elsewhere."