Lib Dem Meltdown.

Whilst the economy gathers pace thus strengthening the chances of David Cameron winning an outright majority in 2015 it seems as though things are going from bad to worse for the Lib Dems.

Having already had a bad week which has seen them surrender control of Portsmouth City Council and with the Mike Hancock High Court case looming two more scandals took a turn for the worse last night.

Firstly, Lord Rennard faced calls for expulsion from the party after issuing a groveling apology over behaviour towards female party members and secondly Vince Cable was forced into denying acting in a disloyal way towards Nick Clegg.

Cable at first denied any knowledge of polling commissioned by Lord Oakeshott suggesting the party would do better without Clegg yet last night was forced to concede that he did know about polling taking place in his own Twickenham constituency.

Political manoeuvring springs to mind.