Labour Candidate Calls Gary Barlow A Tory C*nt.

LABOUR Candidate Hannah Wright has potentially put an end to an unspoken "love-in" between Labour and the Tories according to one UKIP source, after publicly laughing at Take That band members receiving a tax bill for £20m whilst apparently slamming Gary Barlow a Tory C*nt, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The shocking outburst has led to some in UKIP telling TBG - "If one of our candidates tweeted like this it would be all over the media."

Tories clamp down on tax avoidance and still get called c*nts by Labour Party Candidates when one has to pay up. Is that hypocrisy? Irony? Or just dumb?

Labour candidate Miss Wright is standing in the Eastney and Craneswater Ward in Portsmouth.