Hancock Dynasty Over in Portsmouth As MP and Wife Get The Boot.

The Hancock Dynasty that has ruled Portsmouth for the best part of 43 years is over.

That's the sensationally revealing and truly devastating news this morning after TBG broke the news first on Twitter last night.

Even from as early as midnight rumours were rife that the writing was on the wall and from the moment the ballot boxes were emptied it was clear for all to see.

It wasn't just Mike being toppled in Fratton either - his wife Jacqui lost her Charles Dickens ward by just 27 votes too.

On both counts it was to UKIP who had a sensational night of their own winning 6 seats including Copnor, Nelson, and Paulsgrove too.

The council is now hung and even though Labour were quick to distance themselves from the Lib Dems Milton councillor Will Purvis did admit to TBG that the elimination of the "Hancock Dynasty" would make life easier.

When confronted over whether or not Labour could work with the Lib Dems John Ferrett said the onus was on the Lib Dems to act.

The Tories and UKIP do not have the numbers to Unite.