EXCLUSIVE: Female Tory MP Lodges 'Grave' Complaint Against Councillors' 'Inappropriate' Behaviour.

TORY MP Penny Mordaunt has lodged an official complaint containing "serious allegations" to Portsmouth City Council about alleged bullying and intimidation by Councillors, TBG can sensationally reveal.

A leaked letter by the MP to the CEO of Portsmouth City Council David Williams has reached TBG and it makes for uncomfortable reading for many in Portsmouth and the general public nationwide.

Penny Morduant says she has received many worrying reports from the "councils own officers as well as third party organisations the council works in partnership with". Which Mordaunt says she expects the recipient, Williams, to be already aware of.

Penny says - "The behaviour they describe is persistent bullying ranging from screaming and abusive behaviour to orchestrated campaigns to intimidate and undermine, sometimes on matters completely beyond the councils remit."

Penny tore into behaviour at the City's Council concluding - "I do think there is a serious bullying culture at Portsmouth City Council".

TBG can also exclusively reveal Portsmouth North Labour PPC John Ferret's response in an email to the Portsmouth City Council CEO - "I would hope that they will be seeking evidence from Penny Mordaunt MP to support the grave allegations she has made. I can give an unequivocal assurance that as Labour Group Leader I will fully co-operate with any investigation you undertake into these matters."

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