Farage Refuses to Rule Out Standing in Portsmouth-South, Again.

Nigel Farage has AGAIN refused to rule out standing in the Westminster seat of Portsmouth South.

With rumours rife that Mike Hancock plans to plod on beyond November when the six month rule on by-elections would come into effect the Portsmouth News decided to ask both Nigel and his spokesperson Ray Finch about where they plan to stand in 2015.

Last Thursday UKIP attracted 751,439 votes in the South East, the Conservatives came second with 723,571 votes, Labour came third with 342,775, the Greens fourth with 211,706 and the Liberal Democrats came a humiliating fifth with just 187,876 votes.

Farage has been linked with the Portsmouth South seat here on TBG for sometime. Farage told the Portsmouth News - "Clearly, UKIP has made huge gains in Portsmouth and Portsmouth South is a seat we are going to take very seriously."

Finch has also been linked with the Portsmouth South seat despite getting beaten by John Perry in the contest to be PPC in Havant recently.

UKIP's success nationwide was however marred by a nominations cock-up in Havant that left PPC John Perry in serious hot water.