EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Success Marred by Nominations Cock-up.

TBG can exclusively expose a cock up at the heart of UKIP that almost certainly cost the party up to three seats on Havant Borough Council.

On Sunday, TBG spoke to a gentleman who contacted the party at national level offering to be a candidate in the Warren Park Ward.

He told TBG - "One minute I was told by Havant Chairman John Perry I was UKIP's candidate for Warren Park and the next thing I knew was that Perry was knocking on my front door apologising for a nominations form cock up."

"I don't know what's behind it. Its very conspicuous and interesting"
- he added.

TBG sources say that the candidate in The Warren Ward wasn't the only victim of the nominations form cock up.

Potential Candidates also came forward for both the Barncroft and Bedhampton Wards but neither had nomination forms handed in on time.

As TBG reported on Friday, turn out figures suggest that had there been a UKIP candidate in either Barncroft or The Warren wards they would almost certainly have won.