EXCLUSIVE: Tory Toff Article Causes Almighty Diversity Debate Among Young Conservatives.

Josh Hitchens (top left) and Nadim Muslim with PM David Cameron (top right)

LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS (LSE) President has exclusively defended his decision to publish an article with the Telegraph criticising some Tory University Branches as having a "Toffish" image, after uproar amongst some members nationally, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Josh exclusively told TBG - "I'm pleased that my experiences have not been shared by Nadim, however since my article was published I have had many, many message from people who feel that my article highlighted a cultural problem that they had experienced within CF University branches. I am pleased that it has clearly started an important debate."

Other Conservative Future members have come out in support of Josh Hitchens article.

Conservative Party PPC Tara Hewitt said - "@joshhitchens_uk Great article. 100% agree and it's time others woke up to it!"

Nottingham Trent Tory Leader Nadim Muslim said - "@joshhitchens_uk It would seem that way. Think the issues you suggest are concentrated at higher-leagued universities."

Tory Council candidate, CF member & deputy chairman for London South Mario Creatura said - "@joshhitchens_uk Excellent piece Josh - couldn't agree more. @CroydonCF is doing lots along those lines: http://thecroydoncitizen.com"

And Nicholas Layden, Chair of Aberdeen CF said - "@joshhitchens_uk Good article of yours in @Telegraph - fully agree with you on need to diversify in order to grow the party."