EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dem MP Calls Tory Candidate a W*nker in Public.

TBG can today exclusively reveal that the flat mate of Portsmouth South Independent MP Mike Hancock is also now in hot water.

Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell called Tory Candidate Darius G Laws a wanker, loudly, in public on Thursday night.

The revelation follows news that pranksters got Colchester’s MP sniffing on their trail after magnets urging the public to make him cry were distributed around the town centre.

The business-card sized magnets, feature Sir Bob Russell’s face with a red line through it and the slogan ‘Make Bob Sob’, were found stuck to metal surfaces in the North Hill. The magnets also state Sir Bob is "An analogue MP lost in a digital world" - a nod to a quote used in the Die Hard 4 movie.

The MP said his packed 15-hour diary on Wednesday meant he was too busy to comment fully on the latest prank. However, he described the perpetrators' antics as "childish".

No one has owned up to the magnets - the latest in series of mischief-making antics that have got Sir Bob on the detective trail.

Last month Sir Bob was likened to famous detective Sherlock Holmes after he claimed he’d used his investigative powers to deduce Tory activist Darius Laws made scarecrows put around the town, with his face on them.

Sir Bob believed the wood used to prop up the effigies "proved" Mr Laws was instrumental in the stunt.

Mr Laws had been recently pictured next to a sign he had installed outside Colchester’s Jumbo water tower, an alternative to the official plaque Sir Bob had unveiled.

Sir Bob said the same timber had been used in the scarecrows prank. He fiercely attacked Mr Laws and suggested Will Quince, the Tories’ prospective candidate in the next General Election, was aware of the prank too.

Both Mr Laws and Mr Quince laughed off the "trivial" allegations.

Sir Bob Russell used parliamentary privilege in September to accuse Mr Laws of setting up a fake Twitter account. But Mr Laws said he had nothing to do with any Twitter accounts pretending to be Sir Bob.

The MP also accused Mr Laws of creating a spoof YouTube video, publishing a "snooper" photograph of him on a train, and writing letters to newspapers with false names and addresses.

Mr Quince and Mr Laws have both said they do not want to be drawn into the latest row.